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    Default April wind patterns at CSS

    Hi everyone,

    According to this link

    and this link

    April can sometimes be a windy month in Jamaica. I have also heard the occasional comment about CTI some months being a bit windy on the au natural island.

    We are thinking of booking CSS this year in April.

    My question is has anyone spent time at CSS at the au natural facilities in April and noticed the wind or general climate being a problem?

    (For that matter, are the comments even true about CTI being windy in April?)

    Thanks & best regards,
    dsm221b - trying not to think about how far away April is

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    We vacation most frequently in April and love the weather, the breeze can be a welcome relief from the heat


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    We were there for the first week of April this year, and are going back for the same time frame next year. Yes, it was windy, but the sun was strong, and the wind was a blessing, cooling it off just enough. It made for some great days of sailing on the Hobie Cats! The water at SSB was beautiful, warm and crystal clear. In fact, the last 2 days of our stay, the wind died down completely, and the water was perfectly calm. It's a wonderful time to be at CSS!

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    All good feedback. April it is then, probably at CSS. Can't wait.
    We'll see you there KarenON!

    Thanks folks.

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    The AN beach at CSS sits in a little cove, so it is a bit sheltered from the wind. CTI, on the Island, is quite windy. We were there (at CTI) in May of 2009 and we didn't like the windy conditions on the island.

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