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    Default Dunns River Falls?

    Ok, so has anyone been to Dunns River Falls and if so was it worth the trip? I've heard mixed things about it, some said it was totally worth it and others said skip it. The reason I ask is because our wonderful photographer Diana Campbell, has offered to take us there to do a photo shoot which sounds awesome to me but wanted to know if it was worth the money. Any input would be helpful...thanks!

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    I think it's worth the trip once. If you've never been, you should definitely go and climb the falls. We did it on our honeymoon in 2002 (at CTI), but have since returned to Couples every year and haven't done it again.

    I think that some pictures from your photographer would be really cool. But keep in mind that to climb the falls you are in a very large group, and everyone must hold hands as you go up. But you could get some good shots of just the two of you before you climb and after.
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