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    Default Just booked my wedding at C.S.A! Nov7th,2010

    Im so excited!!! How is the weather in Nov.?

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    We have just had our wedding confirmed for Dec 2010 im so excited but still have so much planning to do even though its away from home.. weather in November?? ok as far as i am aware that is the end of the hurricane season,we was at CSA this June and it was the start,there was showers every day but they dont last long,to be honest i would think if it is closer to the end of November you may have less chance of rain but im not 100%,in June the rain started around lunchtime but even the weddings that got caught just before a rainstormn were quickly moved to the garden where it is just as pretty,the co ordinaters at CSA are fantastic you wont be dissapointed.. enjoy :-)

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    Nov 7th is our last day there. Congratulations!

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    I just got married at CSA last week. I asked them what if it rains and she said no worries they wait it out and it never hardly rains ALL day! They are so layed back! If you have any questions just ask I would be happy to help.

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    We're getting married at the end of Nov this year at Couples and after doing lots of research, we've booked a 11am ceremony as it's advisable to have the wedding in the morning. There's less chance of rain at that time, most brief rain showers happen in the afternoon. Congrats!

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    Thank you,and concrats to u!

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    Right on the fact that the "chance" for rain is better in the afternoon, but we got married at 3:00 and weather was super. In fact it only rained one day in the 7 we were there. I asked the wedding coordinator what if it is raining. She said it rarely rains all day so no worries they wait it out. Sun comes out as soon as the rain ends and all is fine. We wanted to have the entire morning to kick back, relax, get our couples massage, and have plenty of time to get ready without being rushed. We also wanted to have some sunset photos taken and not stand around all day in our wedding clothes waiting for sunset. ALso was nice that my hair mand make-up still looked great for our special dinner. In my opinion there is no bad time to get married!

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