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    Default Where's TommyWommy?????

    Hey Tommy! We finally got on here and are really looking forward to our 1st time in Jamaica! Matt & Tracy

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    Tommywommy has been spending all his time in the country with his grandson, having a blast. I expect we will be hearing from him soon.

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    Matt and Tracy(M&T)...Blondie is right..I have been spending a lot of time with grandchildren.

    I am so happy you picked a Couples Resort for you honeymoon..I told your mom to pick CSS and you will not regret it..Hope you,Tracy,your mom and Bama come over to the lake this summer.

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding.


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    Matt and Tracy..Well kids,you should be in the air now and headed to Jamaica.We know this will be posted after you arrive at CSS but Peggy and I want you two to know that we think you will have a wonderful honeymoon at CSS..You have chosen an outstanding resort.


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    My husband and I are scheduled for the secret rendezvous the first week in November. While any Couples resort would be fantastic, if you are going to be at CTI that week, there's one more reason to wish for CTI!

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    oxbgirl..Aww CTI..Peggy and I will not be at CTI during your visit..Sorry

    I know you two will have a great trip...CTI was an outstanding fun filled trip for Peggy and I in 2009..We LOVED CTI.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CTI and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff


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