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    We are going to CTI on 4.1.10 and can't wait but would like to know the wine that is served.

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    The house wines at Couples are usually Chilean. IIRC, there is a Cab, a Merlot, a Chardonnay and a Blush. (And of course a Spanish version of Champagne called Cava. -- the brand on that is Kraemer.)

    They are drinkable but not spectacular. We find that the whites are better than the reds, and the Cava is actually QUITE nice.

    Usually at the Fine Dining restaurant (Eight Rivers) they serve a slightly better wine and sometimes have a second white option like Sauvignon Blanc.

    They also have a wine list from which you can choose to purchase wine. (We've never felt the need....)

    Don't go looking for fine vintages, but for wine with dinner they are acceptable.

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