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    Default BFVS Question - going in October

    Hi! I am new to this board and really enjoy reading all of the messages and reviews. My husband and I are going to CSA the third week of October and have booked a BFVS. Are there any BFVS rooms with a not so good view? I have been reading reviews and am a little concerned about the 2nd floor middle rooms. I understand it is closer to the beach but am really wanting that great view that is shows on this page under accomodations. This is our first time to Jamaica so I am nervous but anxious to see Negril and the Jamaican culture. Also, is October a slow month because of the rain? - we kind of hope so. We love having fun but also look forward to relaxing and no crowds.

    Anyone else ever go on a Monday? Is the airport as crowded on Mondays as it is on the weekends?

    Only 19 sleeps until we are there!! Looking forward to a week of relaxing with my husband.

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    Default Bfvs

    OK, we stayed on 2nd floor in 2008 and the 3rd floor in 2009. The BFVS are directly on the beach with walk way in front. The absolute best views ever. We did have a palm tree in front to the side of our view but not obstructive. We are going to go back ASAP and we will always reserve BFVS 2nd or 3rd floor for privacy. Well worth the $$.

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    We've stayed in both second and third floor BFVS rooms on four separate occasions. Only once, in a corner 2nd floor room, was our view of the sunset obstructed. But even with that, we still had a fabulous view of the beach and ocean. No matter what, you will have a great view, it will just be a question of whether or not you can see the sunset. And if you can't, you are only steps away from the beach, and you can grab a chair and watch it from there.

    October is definitely the low season throughout the Caribbean.

    My only concern with a Monday flight is that your home airport may be busier than usual with the early Monday business travelers. You might want to make sure you get to the airport early.

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    We got a 2nd froor middle suite and yes, it had palms obstructing our view. It was a little disappointing.I would try and get a first or third floor.

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