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    Default CSA - Lemongrass / Feathers Comparison

    We'll be at CSA in December, and intend to visit both of these restaurants, but I'd like to hear former guest's feedback and comparison of them. Counting down the days.....

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    No contest -we far prefer Lemongrass . Feathers is an indoor airconditioned restaurant such as you would find in any town or city in the world. The food and sevice are are very good but for us it has no Caribbean feel. Lemongrass is open air and the balcony is lit with torches - much more atmospheric and tropical. We might feel happier about Feathers if we had not visited the original one which was open air or if we were to go in the summer when we might appreciate the airconditioning more. But we always go in February so love eating outside on the beautifully warm evenings and watching the stars.

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    Feathers is fancier, Lemongrass is more romantic if you sit out on the patio. I was not impressed as much with feathers, it just seemed they were trying to hard to be fancy. Lemongrass is much more relaxed.

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    We ate at both when we were thier,and enjoyed the meals very much. I really can't compare the two as they are very different in menus.

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    Well it all depends on what you like. I LOVE Asian food (it's Thai) so I loved Lemon Grass. We also loved the atmosphere and the setting because it was more open and you can sit outside. Feathers is good but it is not as open, and I feel a little too dark. The food is outstanding at both so it might be just come down to the atmosphere.

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    We were at CSA in April and enjoyed both restaurants. Lemongrass is an Asian food restaurant and is very good. We got an early reservation and showed up a couple minutes early - which was good since it allowed us to eat outside and enjoy the post-sunset view. Feathers is more of a formal dining atmosphere. Be prepared to spend some time there as they bring the courses slowly (no rush). The food was good also though we preferred Lemongrass more. If you do eat at Feathers be sure to have them make an after-dinner's brewed right at your table. Their desserts are excellent!! The thing you'll find is there is no bad food at CSA or any Couples resort for that matter!

    Enjoy your trip,

    Bart & Bug

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    They are both different dining experiences. We always try to book an early seating at Lemongrass so that we have a chance to sit by the railing and watch the sunset. It is nice to sit outside and enjoy the breeze, although if you have a later reservation, you could end up dining inside. The appetizer sampler at Lemongrass is not to be missed! I would describe the menu as more "Pan Asian" than "Thai." Nothing wrong with that, though, I love Pan Asian. The service is always attentive. We also love to stop at the Martini Bar near Lemongrass either before or after our meal.

    Feathers is such a lovely dining experience. I would describe the menu as "Continental." The menu is top notch. We always order several of the appetizers. They will also combine entrees for you if you wish. The dessert tower is fabulous, and I'm not a dessert person. You get a small taste of all of their dessert options. Dinner at Feathers is an elegant, relaxing affair, so plan on at least 1 1/2 hours for dinner. You'll want to order from every course, too. And then we like to stop at the Patois Patio bar either before or after dinner (notice a trend, here?).

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    We love both restaurants!!! We hit Feathers one time and Lemongrass twice, great service at both. Lemongrass is more layed back and openair. Get their early for your reservation at Lemongrass so to have a Martini at the bar, great bartenders there. Lots of Fun.

    Just 198 days till CSA!!!!


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    There is absolutely no comparing the 2. They are both so radically different, but amazingly good.

    Lemongrass serves Asian cuisine. The Thai Tasting Platter that you start off with is fantastic. It has lettuce wraps, egg rolls, tofu, beef skewers, cocounut shrimp cakes, and chicken wings. The restaurant is open air. I suggest making an early reservation so you can sit "outside" on the edge. It's a phenominal view of the sunset!

    Feathers has more of a 5 star restaurant ambiance to it. It's the only air conditioned restaurant on the resort. They serve very high-end food. When we went a few weeks ago I had braised duck for an appetizer and crab stuffed chicken for dinner. My husband had a steak. It's a very continental menu. Feathers also has a dress code, and people really do dress up for dinner.

    We really enjoyed both restaurants, but like I said, they are vastly different. So jealous you'll be there in December!

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    Well they have totally different food so there's that. Lemongrass is open and on top of the Palms and Feathers is in the new building and is closed and air conditioned. There is live music at the Palms sometimes and since the middle of the restaurant is open to the floor below, you can see the stage and hear the music. We would love to eat at Lemongrass but we just don't like the food and I am allergic to almost all of it anyway.

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    We liked them both, but really there are no comparisons. They are very different restaurants. Feathers is more of what I would consider a standard nice restaurant. Steak, seafood, chicken, etc. Air conditioned, brightly lit. Lemongrass is more casual, open air, dim lighting, and the food is Asian/Thai. I loved it, my husband didn't mind it and he refuses to eat Thai food here. I would highly recommend both.

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    Lemongrass is our favorite place to eat at CSA. Great food and a relaxed atmosphere, steps away from the martini bar.

    Feathers is a bit more formal, but still relaxed by comparison to "dressy" restaurants back home. The food at Feathers is a bit more upscale, not better but different from Lemongrass. Feathers requires a reservation, as does Lemongrass, but Lemongrass seems to be a bit easier to reserve at the last minute if need be. Feathers is indoors and air conditioned. Lemongrass is open air and offers the patio above the pool. Again, I don't consider either to be better or more comfortable, but they are very different dinner environments. We find the food at both to be absolutely wonderful. But we are hardly blessed with a trained palette. We like simple healthy food for the most part, so eating at these restaurants is a bit out of the ordinary for us. But we love it! We have never had a disappointing meal at either one.

    Good call to visit both. If you like fine dining and friendly, attentive service you are in for a treat.

    Have a great trip. You will love CSA!

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    They are completely different cuisine...but we like feathers I wasn't impressed with lemongrass and the.hubs is allergic to shellfish and.everything is cooked in oyster oil
    Erika & Sean

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    Both restaurants are quite posh - aiming to be a little smarter than the others at the resort. The service and food is more formal and "occasion" than at the walk-in restaurants. although the standards are high everywhere. We were last at CSA in May 2010 and only Feathers was airconditioned so may suit best if you want to dress up a little more.I turned 50 with a meal at Feathers and was made to feel very special.

    I actually loved the food best at Lemongrass though - just delicious.


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    Not a fan of Lemongrass. We would like to see an Italian restaurant. Feathers is good, but over rated. We like Patois and the Palms better.

    Life is good

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    Hands Down, LEMONGRASS was the best. I wish we would have eaten there earlier in the week to go back again!!! Feathers is good, but not great. I had the chicken stir fry and curry veggies, PHENOMENAL!!!!

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    Thanks to everyone for sharing their impressions!

    Paul and I are definitely not "fussy" eaters, and we always enjoy trying things we've not eaten previously. I get really irritated when I hear anyone state they don't like something, and then say they've never actually tried it, so many thanks for substantiating your thoughts and providing context.

    Can't wait to try all of the restraunts at CSA!


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    We ate everywhere....but our favorite was Patois!!

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    My wife and I ate at both of these restaurants last March. We thought Lemongrass was far and away superior. True, we like Thai food, but we also thought the food at Feathers had declined a lot. We ate at Feathers when it was across the street and had an outdoor patio (currently the location of the spa) and not only was the ambiance better, but we thought the food back then was vastly superior. Lemongrass is on a balcony with a lovely ocean breeze and great food (assuming you like Asian).

    Now, here's the weird thing. We at both Lemongrass and Feathers and we also did the private dinner on the beach (which was fabulous). But the best meal we had at CSA was when we at at the Palms. Yeah, I know it doesn't require a reservation, but the food was outstanding and the service was significantly better than at Feathers. My advice would be to go to all the reservation restaurants, but don't get too hung up on the reservation places. If it turns out you can't get a reservation at Feathers... don't worry... just walk down the beach to the Palms. You'll love it.

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