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    Default HELP please I lost a recipe!

    I had the recipe for the oh so yummy Parmesan Crab dip at Patois and now I can't find it. If anyone has it could they please please please post it for me.

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    Stefan Spath
    Regional Executive Chef
    Couples Resorts Negril
    Negril, Jamaica

    Oven Baked Crab & Parmesan Dip


    1 cup crab meat (freshly picked if possible; well drained if using tinned)

    1 cup cream cheese
    1 cup heavy cream
    3 tbsp mayonnaise
    3 tbsp chopped scallion
    2 tbsp chopped herbs such as dill or parsley
    juice of 1 lime
    salt & black pepper
    scotch bonnet pepper or hot pepper sauce (optional)

    freshly grated parmesan cheese


    X In a food processor blend the cream cheese with heavy cream and mayonnaise until smooth. If mixture is too thick, add little milk. Texture should be like a spread / dip.
    X Add chopped scallion and herbs, lime juice, salt & black pepper to taste.
    X Remove from blender and transfer to a bowl.
    X Fold in crab meat. Check seasoning and if necessary add extra lime, salt and/or pepper. If you like the dip slightly spicy, add hot pepper at this stage.
    X Transfer mixture into a shallow oven proof dish.
    X Sprinkle with a generous amount of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
    X Place in a very hot oven or under the overhead broiler and bake until dip is hot and the top is golden brown.
    X Sprinkle with more chopped herbs or scallion just before serving.
    X Serve with sweet potato chips, breadfruit chips or alternatively bagel chips etc.

    Bottom Note

    X This dip can be used as a base for various different flavors. Omit the crab meat and replace with cooked chopped shrimp, chopped smoked salmon or smoked marlin.

    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    NeedBlueWater you are my hero. Thank you soooooo much

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