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    Default I caught something at CSA

    This big smile that I can't get off my face.

    It's contagous, too. My hubby caught it, and everyone here has it. I'm hoping to take it home and spread it around.

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    You caught the


    Welcome to the family of many infected people.

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    Did you notice any other symptoms? One I seem to catch is a deep sense of relaxation.

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    LOL! I want to catch it too!!! Actually I am smiling. Thanks for your post!

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    The JamaicanMeCrazy Flu has many many symptoms. I'll attempt to list a few.

    1. Constant Bob Marley tunes can be heard running thru your mind.

    2. Always talking about your upcomming trip to fellow
    employees who are now about to strangle you or join you.

    3. Strange desire to say No Problem Mon

    4. Constant licking of lips.

    5. Everlasting taste of Appleton Rum on your taste buds.

    6. Cravings for jerked chicken.

    7. Light footed feeling as the days near your departure date.

    8. The OH SH*$ feeling as you look at your countdown calendar
    and see 260 more days to go.

    I bet you can add a few more symptoms can't you?
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    A great thing to catch!!!

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    Has anyone alerted the WHO about this one? Let's hope it doesn't go pandemic!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My husband and I spend many nights on the back porch talking about our recent trip to CN. We CAN"T stop talking about it. Other people are sick of us talking about it. We have the disease. We are Coupleholics. But that's OK. We know the only way to get over this is to plan another trip.

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    Other symptoms of the JamaicanMeCrazy Flu that I experience are:

    The constant checking of prices of another trip back to Couples.

    Trying to figure out .......... if we sold off everything we own, cashed in all that's left of our 401K's, & emptied our bank accounts ............. just how long we could stay at CN before we ran out of money???? All I can say is if we ever win the lottery ........... Get our room ready because we're movin'!!!!

    Reading the MB over & over & being VERY jealous of everyone else that is there now or going before you are.

    Having dozens of pictures framed all over our house of our trips to Jamaica/Couples.

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    Once infected with the JamaicanMeCrazy Flu there is an annual Jamaican concoction that can be consumed to sometimes sooth those symptoms.

    Works for a short time and repeated consumption kills all germs.

    WARNING: Consume with CAUTION

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    The Bob Marley
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    Oh my goodness! We caught it, too! And it won't go away! I think about CSA and Jamaica all the time!

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