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    Default Getting ready to book Air Jamaica

    I had posted a few months ago asking about Air Jamaica and if its OK to book. The replies said it was OK and I should wait until it gets closer. We go in January and are leaving from NY. We really want an early flight and AJ is the only airlines that has an early flight. I would like to book at least the flight from NY to MBJ now. Maybe we will take Jet Blue home if they come up with a later flight on return. Otherwise we will book AJ too. Is it still safe? Has anyone experienced delays or cancelations with Air Jamaica.

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    They were right on time in June out of Ft. Lauderdale. We've booked them again for our December trip and plan to use them next June as soon as we get our dates firmed up. The new ownership seems committed to doing a good job with the reduced number of cities they now service. I wouldn't waste any time-January prices are only going up at this point.

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    We flew Air Jamaica Flight 0010 to Montego Bay out of JFK on Friday, September 17. Our flight left on time, we shared the first class cabin with Lennox Lewis, and we were at CN by 10 am (11 am NY time).

    Our 6 pm return flight for home left on time, but we had to land at BWI b/c JFK closed due to storms. When JFK reopened, we departed and arrived in NY at about 2:30 am. While we weren't thrilled to be getting home so late, it certainly wasn't the airline's fault that there were storms in the area and that the airport closed.
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    Default Air Jamaica

    We flew Aj our first 2 trips then went to Jet Blue last year. We ahd no problem with any of the 3 except the Jet Blue fight arrives later and leaves eralier. We are traveling again in 2 weeks and had booked Air Jamaica. Hopefully it will be just as good as the first 2

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    Thanks so much for the posts. I feel much better now about going ahead and booking our outbound flights now. I will wait a little longer for return flights to see if JB adds a later flight otherwise we will go with AJ coming home as well. Thanks. Can always count on the advice from our Couples family.

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