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    Default Try all the soups! (and a first time CSS review)

    My husband and I were at CSS from November 9 - 17 for our honeymoon. It was our first time to Jamaica, and my husbands first time out of the U.S. I was a little wary - I had let a handful of bad reviews on TA get under my skin - but we had the time of our lives!
    It was not a perfect vacation - but it was pretty damn close.
    When we arrived we were put in E block. We had requested a beach front room but were told that one was not available. I was disappointed, but put at ease when we arrived to our room and the honeymoon champagne was there to welcome us
    We received a phone call to our room about 10 minutes after we had arrived telling us to not unpack because a beachfront room was opening the next day and they would move us. They even asked if we had a room level preference - but we didn't! The next day they took care of moving all of our luggage to A block. All we had to do was pick up new room keys from the lobby around noon. It was a flawless transition - and I appreciate the Couples team for accommodating us!
    We did a couple of outside excursions - Nine Mile and the Blue Mountain tour - we wanted to explore Jamaica a bit. I think it worked out well because we were there for eight days and it still left us plenty of time to relax at the resort and participate in activities as well. We loved all of the water sports. We tried a good portion of them and had so much fun! My husband loved the swim up bar - I thought it was pretty cool too. All of the bartenders and entertainment staff were excellent. We also enjoyed exploring the resort. It seemed to have so many paths and nooks to discover. The grotto below the mineral pool was beautiful!
    We met some other honeymooning couples, and there was also a good variety of people of all ages and from various countries. We enjoyed getting to know some of our fellow travelers. Everyone seemed to be having a great time!
    All of the restaurants were amazing. We quickly discovered that the soup was something to try at every meal. It was always wonderful! One day for lunch - after we'd had a particularly big breakfast earlier in the morning - we just had the soup and had no regrets. It was a chicken chowder I believe, and it was so tasty! The soup was often a favorite part of each meal. We also loved the pasta station at Palazzina, and Edgar at the Omelet station was also a favorite.
    There is so much I could say - we loved every single day of our visit and it was tough to say goodbye. My husband is already hoping for a trip back in the next couple of years. I would love to come back - but would also like to consider a split stay between CSA and CSS. I want to see what the beaches at Negril are like and explore another part of the island.
    The staff at CSS were wonderful and truly were the ones who made our stay unforgettable. I finally discovered why so many people call the island "home".

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    My wife and i found our new home this last March also. We got married on the beach at CSS, and loved our entire stay. I had the same feelings as you, wanting to come back but also to explore the other resorts. So, i booked a 2 week split between CSS and Negril for this April. We already did a trading places with Tower Isle (won't give up CSS for CTI anytime soon) and i am planning on trading places with CSA this spring, to get a taste of it then also.

    And yes, the soups are fantastic. My wife does not like pretty much any soups, and yet she liked almost every soup she tried while there!

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