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    welcome everybody...just bumping this up to see if there are any other couples at couples! Cheers...have a great day!

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    Hi everyone! We are Wally and Vicki from Iowa City, Iowa. We honeymooned at CN in May 2006. Spent 8 days at CSS followed by 8 days at CN in March 2009. We are planning another split the beginning of 2010 to CN and CTI. We loved CSS, but our home is still CN. This picture was taken at the Otaheite Restaurant at CN in 2006.

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    Heather & Mitch from Maryland, we've been to CTI in 2007 for our honeymoon, and that's when we became Couples-holics. Last year we tried CSA and loved that also. We are taking this year off to buy our first house, but we are already booked at CSA for October 2010. It can't come soon enough! This was taken on our yr. anniversary dinner at Lemongrass!

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    Hey Splash - Not sure why everyone is being so shy about introducing themselves & posting their pictures so we can all see their smiling faces. Is everyone out there in the witness protection program or something & afraid to be seen????? Some of these people are the same ones that aren't worried about heading to the A/N beach so what else could it be????

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    Default Hey jamaica06

    Quote Originally Posted by jamaica06 View Post
    Hello. We are Luke and Jaclyn Hennings from Taylorville, IL. We absolutely love CN and were married there in June of 2006. We went back for our anniversary last June and hope to return sometime next year

    Hey Luke and you know an Ashley Kennedy from Taylorville, IL???

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    I agree with you!! I was so excited about this post (that and the fact that I could actually figure out how to post a picture LOL) I can't believe that there aren't more than there is!!


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    We are Jenny and Joe from Cincinnati, Ohio. We visited CN a few years ago and are anxiously awaiting CSA on December 5, 2009. This reach is meant to celebrate our anniversary as well as milestone birthdays for both of us. Ok, so our anniversary is in June and the birthdays are April and November, but why not get away from the cold and go to Jamaica in December? This pic is of us in Jamaica in 2006.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Hey Julie & Kristen,

    thanks for the support on this thread. The best thing about Couples is the opportunity to re-connect with one another and celebrate being a couple! Posting the pics of happy couples at Couples is a neat way to prove the mission of Couples is successful...So all you happy couples at Couples, come on...Share a happy moment with the world and smile along with all of us in the cherished memory of sharing Couples with your special somebody! Cheers,


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    We are Sue and Adolph from Wisconsin. This picture was taken at CN but we are returning to Ocho Rios for 2 weeks in Jan. 2010. CTI Jan 16-23 and CSS Jan. 23-30!
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    We broke 100, just 99 days left until we go home to CN

    Jackie & Jim
    South Carolina
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    Attachment 899
    Brent and Melissa Goodnoe
    going to csa trip one in april 2010
    253 days

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    Default Css 2009

    Don & Pat from McHenry Illinois, Visited CSS in March 09. Our first time to Couples but definitely not our last.
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    Trying to figure out how to get a picture on here.......I guess we will see.....
    Anyway, if it works, we are Billy and Audra from Montgomery, Tx., (north of Houston on Lake Conroe)

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    Hi! Kevin and Angie here from IL. We will be heading back to CSA for the 3rd time in December. This picture is on the porch of Beachfront Suite # 2136
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    Kevin & Angie

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    Don and Deb from Missouri. We will be at CSA December 10 - 17. We were in CN two years ago and loved it. Can't wait until December. 130 days and counting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mj09 View Post
    Hey Luke and you know an Ashley Kennedy from Taylorville, IL???
    Yep, we know the Kennedy family. We are friends with her sister and brother-in-law.

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    This is us at CSS December 2008.
    Next trips CSA September 2009 and CN December 2009
    Kurt and Laura Hudson
    Indianola, IA

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    Kevin & Teresa from Dexter, KY. We were at CTI (COR) in December, 2005 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We are going to CSS in December, 2010 to celebrate our 30th.

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    Trying this again.
    Kurt and Laura Hudson. CSS 2008

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    Jen and Mike Babel--we are from kalamazoo mi and got married at cn last dec. we are heading to cti this dec.
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    Mark & Dana
    We are what you call virgins Sept 6-12,2009 will be our first trip to CN. 32 days and counting
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    Great to see all you happy couples at Couples! This thread is affirmation that romance happens and love affirmed in paradise at our favorite Couples resorts! Come on all of you wonderful couples, introduce yourselves and share a brief happy memory with all of us other Jamaica crazy, Couples, couples....Cheers and blessings to yo uall!

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    Default Katie & Cole

    We are Katie & Cole from Indianapolis and we are honeymooning at CSA at the beginning of October. This will be our first trip but certaintly not the last. This is us at a Dodgers game last May (but its the best picture I could find on my computer right now. Looking forward to one week of paradise!
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    Default Matt & Sara Rock

    Name:  Sara old 395.jpg
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Size:  37.1 KBMatt and Sara Rock from Central KY. We will be arriving at CSA on August 21 for our 4th trip!

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