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    We are Ed and Kia. May will be our first trip to Jamaica (CTI) we are excited to become part of the family. The pic is from Cancun Aug 2011 we celebrated our 10 yr anniversary there! Was amazing.

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    Doug and Kim

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    Looks like it's been a little while since this thread has had activity...Come everyone, post your Couples at Couples! and show the world how happy Couples makes us all....Making plans for our 6th trip to Sans Souci!

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    Tom and Kiki from Syracuse NY. 9 days and we will be back at CTI for our 3rd vistit....this picture was taken in at CN on our 2nd visit....SO EXCITED!!!!Name:  13.jpg
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    Hope to see some of you there!!!!!!


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    ACRanger and Linda at CSS

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    Well I hope this worked We are Britnee and Travis - as I was reading the post I saw that some future Couples couples were posting pics, so I will do the same. We are going to be celebrating our honeymoon at CTI 11/19 - 11/26. It will be our first time in Jamaica (out of the country for that matter) and at an all inclusive. We couldn't be more excited!!

    250 days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splash View Post
    Looks like it's been a little while since this thread has had activity...Come everyone, post your Couples at Couples! and show the world how happy Couples makes us all....Making plans for our 6th trip to Sans Souci!
    Hey Splash, where have you been? We emailed you and never got a response. We are going back to San Souci in a week. Thought we would try March this time. We will miss you guys!!

    Paul and Frances

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    Ted aka Dino & Marie from Detroit, MI. Our first trip to CN was 06 for our 25th Anniversary, we returned in 07, decided to try CSS in 08 loved it too, returned to CSS in 10, and are returning to CN in 13 for our 5th trip to JA. Really excited after missing a couple years, and it has been awhile since we were in Negril. It is going to be a long year!n We have visited CSA and CTI. Which is our favorite? I change my mind every 5 min. Name:  resize ja 5.jpg
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    Default Couples at Couples

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    I thought it would be fun to "bump" this back up, and get some intros going. This picture was taken at CTI, 2011. We are thrilled to be returning this July! How about you?

    Becky and Bud, VA, USA
    CTI 6/30 - 7/5/2011
    CTI 7/2 - 7/10/2013

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    Paul and Crystal-Pittsburgh, PA (I'm from New Orleans orginally). We will be at CN the week of Thanksgiving.

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    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

    None but ourselves can free our minds!

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    Diana, Buddy, Michele & Anthony we will see you CTI in a few weeks. Can't wait!

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    We're Connie and Tim and we've been to CSS twice now. We have our third trip booked for 10 days in September, 2014. Love this place!

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    Cigar Dude
    Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

    My cigar blog:

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    Bob & Deb CTI April 2013Name:  Picture 086.jpg
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    Oh Yeah I for got. We will be returning August 24-31!!! Come say hello

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    We are Dana and Wendy From southwestern New York. 3 times CN, 2 times CSA. Got married in Vegas 10-1-12 and came to CSA for honeymoon 4-22-13 and coming for our 1st anniversary at CSA 10-1-13. Ya Mon!!

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    Sorry guys the other pic came out too small! Bob & Deb CTI April 2013. will be coming back August 24-31! come on by and say hello!Name:  Picture 087.jpg
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    Quen & Deb CSA 3 times July 2010 got married in July 2011 son got married August 2011 and we're going back July 2013 for trip #4!!

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    Chris and Tonya
    Asheville, NC
    CTI x 6, CN x 2
    Back to CTI July 2013
    Attached Images

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    Susan & Wayne from San Antonio, Texas. Swept Away 2012 for 25th wedding anniversary. Booked November of 2013 Swept Away.

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    Jim & Rita from Marshfield, MA

    Picture taken at CSS outside of the Balloon Bar May 2013
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    Kelly and Clive- from South Jersey.

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    We are Tary and Betsy from Birmingham, Alabama. We will return to CTI for our 10th visit August 31st!
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    Like this thread!!! We are Kurt and Angela from Nebraska. Going to CN in October 2013 for our second trip. Counting the days. Picture is of our 25th anniversary dinner in our suite at CN in 2011.
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    Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  70.7 KBhere we are at the airport waiting to board for our first trip to Couples. CTI in Feb. 2012. Back to TI in Sept 2012, and down the street to CSS this year in 12 short days!!!

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    Name:  Jamaica 2009 496 resize.jpg
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Size:  153.7 KB5th trip back to CSA in 55 days!
    Jack & Donna

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