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    Default question about SSB pool

    Does anyone know if the tiles at the SSB poolbar area have been fixed?
    In may when we were there, we were told they were going to be fixed when they put in the new hottub.
    Any info would be appreciated, my DH keeps asking me if they have been fixed.

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    We were there in July and did not see any problems with the tiles. We noticed the first day that they were painting the gazebo over the swim up bar. After further inspection we did notice the whole area was being enhanced, new hottub,tiles,
    paint, ect. The placed looked great.
    Steve & Victoria

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    We didn't notice any tile problems. Thought it looked great and love the hot tub.

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    Yes the tiles were changed when we were there last July. They only replaced the blue tiles around the pool bar with new white tiles. The blue tiles on the tables and bench area in the pool had not been changed. Below are some pictures from the last two years to show the difference.

    July 2009 - blue tiles around the pool bar

    July 2010 - new white tiles around the pool bar

    July 2010 - close up of the new white tiles as seen from inside the bar area

    July 2010 - the new hot tub at SSB

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    Thank you so much for the responses and pics. They look great. Can not wait to get back home!

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