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    Default LIVE from CN!!!

    Neil and I arrived yesterday afternoon to our "home" in the Caribbean. Check in was a breaze as usual and our UPGRADED room was already ready for us to get into. We had originally booked a Deluxe Garden Room but we were generously upgraded into a beautiful Beachview room in the seventh building. After spending all of 5 minutes in the room, we quickly changed and went straight to the beach.

    We have just finished our breakfast and are on our way to the beach. O, by the way THERE ISN'T A CLOUD IN THE SKY. So, if you are like me and worried about what the weather is like, NO WORRIES MON!!!!!

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    We just got back from CN and the weather was just right. It did rain 2 evenings, but that was late. Enjoy the monkey brain shots at the swim-up bar with Franklin!

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    Glad you are having a wonderful time! Building 7 is awesome! If you do get a chance to, there's a wonderful girl named Meesha who works in the bars...I think she may be at the AN bar now. please tell Meesha that Becky says hello. Remind her that 2 years ago, I gave her a baby-making t-shirt. My husband and I are always there over Valentine's. She may remember me that way. Let me know if she has a reply. Thanks, again, and enjoy being home. Let us know how your stay goes. I'm so envious!!1

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    On what floor is your room located? You might not have received an upgrade at all. Building 7 contains ocean and garden rooms. There is no "beachview" classification are CN. There are beachfront rooms and suites, but they are located in Buildings 1, 5, 6, and 9.
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