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    Default Rooms at CSA?????

    Long time reader...first time writer
    Going to CSA for my weddingmoon in April 2011!!! So excited, I have NEVER before gone out of the country (USA)

    I have been looking non stop at the website....dreaming!

    My question is concerning the rooms....

    AT first i thought greathouse spa...but then i read the entrance to the room is like a hotels....through a hallway insteaad of cabana style.

    Fiance wants a tv so no attrium...

    How is the ocean view?
    We want: newer building, second floor, tv, minibar, some privacy, beautiful surroundings/view

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks all!

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    Go for an Ocean Verandah Suite. It has everything you are asking for. You are gonna love CSA. Good luck deciding.

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    Get ocean view or beachfront verandah. We like the greathouse, it is "more" hotel feeling, but does not feel like a hotel. It is really handy for us because we love patois.

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    if you want a TV then Atrium is out but it is VERY romantic room. We were in a beachfront verandah for our honeymoon and I loved it due to the fact it was literally steps from the sand.
    Erika & Sean

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    It sounds like the Ocean Veranda will be your best bet but you can't guarantee what floor you'll be on.

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    Default Congrats!

    We will be at CSA for our "weddingmoon" in April as well. Our wedding is on the 26th! I researched which room to stay in by using past posts on the message board and used you tube to look up videos from former guests. (so many people have their wedding posted's so much fun to watch) Good Luck!

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    The "Ocean Verandah" suites should meet your expectations as your description fits what these rooms offer. You will not have an unobstructed view of the ocean, but you will be very close to the beach. Second and third floor rooms offer a better view, first floor offers the walk out verandah. Keep in mind that you can not reserve a particular room or location, only the room type or category is reserved. But you can request a floor or a corner room if you like on arrival. You may not get it, but you can ask. With all that said, you will love your room. Elegant in a rustic, tropical way, clean and very comfortable. Rooms with "verandah" in the name will have a TV and mini bar. Beautiful surroundings come with all rooms at CSA. The beach is spectacular and CSA is just wonderful overall. We are headed back for our fifth trip in June. We have had an Ocean Verandah room on our past four trips and loved them, but this time we are trying an Atrium for a change of pace.

    Got your passports?

    Keep reading the message board, post questions if you have them. There is a ton of knowledge and information here as well as a fun place to talk about your vacation plans.

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    Default Heading back ourselves

    In April we will be making our third trip to CSA. Wouldn't stay anywhere but the Beachfront Verandah as we really enjoy the ocean front views. However, that being said, I can't imagine there is a bad room at CSA. Once you get there basically all you do is sleep and shower in your room anyway. I just really enjoy the room patio view as I wait for my wife to shower.

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    We went over New Years this past year and stayed in BFVS and have rebooked the same room category for April 2011. We loved the view and room.

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    We love the Beachfront Veranda Suites but last April we tried the Oceanview Veranda Suite loved it too. Here is picture from our Oceanview. What a great view for your morning coffee!!!

    Just 203 days till we return home to CSA !!!

    Paul & Chris
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    We were in the Garden Verandah Suites last Feb. It offered TV, iPod connection and wi-fi in the room.

    Our pictures are here. See page 2 for the room:

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