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    Default We can't decide where to stay!?

    We are for sure going to go to either Negril or Swept Away. How do we choose!?!?

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    Look at the pictures of both resorts - one of them should speak to you more. That's why we chose CSA. The rooms and the beach looked just right to me. We just got back from CSA and think we made the right choice. We loved it!

    We also spent a few hours at CN too for the Trading Places program. I think we would have had a great time there too (the employees were all super-friendly) but it didn't have that gut appeal to me the way CSA did.

    CN is smaller and more centralized than CSA. CSA is very spread out. I loved that endless beach.

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    If you want the most romantic resort in the caribbean, go to CSA.

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    What do you want out of your vacation?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Booked for trip #4 to CSA, enough said!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mholladay88 View Post
    We are for sure going to go to either Negril or Swept Away. How do we choose!?!?
    ...You can't go wrong either way. Below is a linc to my writeup and pics from CN last November;

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    I am with those who say look at all the pictures and go with your gut. CSA called to us and we loved it. We were so glad we chose it especially after spending one day at CN with the Trading Places program. I know for many CN is their favortite, but it just wasn't a fit for us.

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    I just remembered that CN is my travel agent's favorite, but when she talked about it I realized the things she loved about it were things I didn't care for. She loves how compact CN is with the big pool as the focal point and all of the restaurants in a central location. I prefer things spread out because I love to wander and explore. CSA also has a great sports center with a huge pool across the street that we loved and would miss if we went to CN.

    Now the question is, what to you prefer?

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    CN was amazing and the people/staff were the best ever! I cried my eyes out when we left and it was mainly because of the staff, they're truly fantastic and genuine and it shows. We loved the small size of the resort and the opportunity to meet so many of the guests. The activities were plentiful and fun; we went none-stop between tennis, water skiing, beach volleyball, pool VB, dancing, name it, we did it and were never at a loss for activity or relaxation. CN exceeded all of our expectations and we're already planning a trip for next Fall.

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