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    Default CSA First Timers - OVS or BFVS?

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are hoping to book our first ever Jamaica and CSA trip in the next few weeks for May 2011! We have looked at all the photos and descriptions for the OVS and BFVS rooms but are still uncertain which one to book. It appears the OVS has a partial ocean view and the BFVS has a full ocean view and is closer to the beach. Other than that, we are not too sure what the other differences might be. We would appreciate some help from some of you CSA Veterans so we can book our trip ASAP!

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    The OVS and BFVS are identical rooms. The only difference is the view and location. The BFVS are directly on the beach. The OVS are in buildings behind BFVS and have a partial ocean view only.

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    We looked the BFVS, it was absolutely breathtaking...As they all say just being there is the best place to be.....

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    I have stayed in OVS and an Atrium Suite and the Atrium was my favorite by far. I'd also choose Atrium over Beach Front any day.

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    You got it in one. That's the only difference. The OVS's are behind the BFVS's and most have a partial ocean view. The BFS's are right on the beach.
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    There are no differences. Same room just location is different
    Erika & Sean

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