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    Default pictures of CSA

    We're back from our first trip to CSA. What a beautiful place! I thought I'd share some of the beauty with you lucky people who still have their trips ahead of them. :-)

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    Thanks for sharing. We had to postpone our trip scheduled for next week until April so we need these to keep us smiling! April come soon.....sue&wayne

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    Absolutely stunning pictures. My husband and I return to CSA for our 3rd annual anniversary trip in 2 1/2 weeks and these pictures just made me all the more anxious to return.
    Thank you!

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    Thanks for sharing! Heading there for our honeymoon next week and can't wait! Looks absolutely beautiful.

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    Thanks for sharing the pics, we are going in Oct and I cant wait!! It looks amazing.

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    GREAT pictures! It made me realize how bad I need a new camera! LOL I can't wait to get back there! Less than a month to go!

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    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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    awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to our first CSA experience later this year. From where were your gorgeous sunset pictures taken? Looks like it may have been 3 floor BVS? Very pretty! Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Beach Bums View Post
    From where were your gorgeous sunset pictures taken? Looks like it may have been 3 floor BVS?
    The last sunset pictures (the really colorful ones) were taken from our 2nd floor BFS. We had an awesome view. But we also took some from the beach and from the catamaran cruise. There's lots of good spots for pictures! :-)

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    Thank you, everyone, for the nice words. Glad I could help with the anticipation.

    Yookster, I don't have a fancy camera either. I just used our Olympus Stylus waterproof camera. I love it because it's so small that it's easy to carry everywhere (even snorkeling and swimming in the caves). I think I wore it out though because the flash quit working at the end of our trip. Poor camera got quite a workout at CSA. :-)

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    Love your pictures! Makes me even more excited than I already am ( is that even possible? ) for our December 2010 trip to CSA!!!

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    Thanks for sharing! Awesome pictures.

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    WOW - perfect! Something to look forward to as we will be there end of February 2011 for the first time. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics!!!

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    Did you guys do the trading places. It looks like a few pictures of Negril's pool at the end.

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    We are going in 6 days....Thanks for the great tease....we can not wait.

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    Awesome pictures!!! Just gorgeous!!! I can't wait for Feb.2011!!!!

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    Quote Originally Posted by me View Post
    Did you guys do the trading places. It looks like a few pictures of Negril's pool at the end.
    Yes, we did go to CN for Trading Places. If you view the pictures as a slideshow, there should be some captions underneath the photos. The pool with the palm tree mosaic is CN and also the picture of the kayaks on the beach is CN.

    It was interesting seeing what the other resort was like. CN is much smaller while CSA is very spread out. Both had great food and super-friendly people.

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    Great! Thanks for the info on the camera. As many times as we have been to Jamaica we have never brought a water proof camera. I think it is time because last time my camera got pretty wet a few times and I was really worried I was going to ruin it. Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the beautiful pictures...they brought back alot of great memeories from our CSA trip last April ;0)!

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    Very nice ,as I went thru your pics I could feel the relaxation mon, thankyou. Going home in 203 days..

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    Default CSA Photos

    Beautiful pictures. We were there in May 2010. The photos brought
    back wonderful memories of CSA. We loved the resot.

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    FABulous pictures! We just booked for August 2011. Soon come!!

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