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    Do the gift shops have bottles of rum or rum cream for sale?

    In the past we always bought it at the duty-free shop in the airport as we were heading home, but we were wondering if it was for sale at the resorts as well?

    We thought it might make a nice "welcome gift" for our friends/family who are attending our wedding at CTI next year.

    Does anyone know how much an average-sized bottle (750ml) costs?


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    YES they do.

    About $28.00 to $32.00 per bottle

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    This begs the question - I've heard that the Duty Free shop at MBJ had cheaper rum than elsewhere. However, with the hassle of moving it among suitcases (and given that Air Jamaica's trend to treat the box(es) of rum purchased as your one carry-on item will, if continued, likely spread to the other airlines) how much cheaper?

    I'm of the approach I'd rather buy the rum before I go to the airport, go ahead and pack it in the checked luggage (with plenty of bubble wrap -- yes, I'm bringing bubble wrap on the trip!) and be done with it, unless there's a really big price difference.

    Any clues as to what the price difference is?
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    $32 for rum cream??? We bought the 1L bottles for $15 each last year.

    I am down to the last one now

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    I wonder if the gift shop credit can be used for rum and rum cream. If so, it would make sense to do like jagorham and pack it in your checked bags from the getgo. I think I'm liking this idea. Now to wonder if the gift shop at Swept Away carries Legacy or 21 yr old?

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    Rum cream is about $14.00 a bottle I think give or take a dollar.

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    The luxury of buying it at the airport is if you have a direct flight home. They will box it in carry on containers and away you go.
    Lacking this you must pack your purchases once you land in the USA. This becomes a hassel for some.

    For online shopping or price comparisons.

    If you order from them they do provide quality service! We didn't notice much of a price difference from the stores vs the airport.

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    Save room in your baggage and purchase at the airport. Once you get your bags off the belt, put you rum in and you are done. The airport will save you a lot of money, and it is free weight. Being over weight costs a lot of money.

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    Yes, you can use your resort credit on the liquor at the gift shop. The problem is it's quite a bit more expensive at the resort.

    I believe it was $35 at the resort for a 1L bottle (12 yr aged Appleton's Estate). I got one at the shop in town for $25. Then went to the airport and they had the same bottle for $17 (for the 750mL). Cheaper and easier just to buy it at the airport, especially if your final destination is where you land in the states. If you have connecting flights, that might be a bit tougher.

    Remember, you have to check your rum in your checked back, cannot be on your carry on bag.

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