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    Default pics of top floor beachfront suites at csa??

    thought i would repost this on the main board and try my luck again..

    anyone have any pictures of the beachfront suites in the older section on the upper floors? i would love to see how it differs from the larger bottom room in the 3 room unit and the newer built section of rooms. just wondering and so interested

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    Default Beachfront Suite

    Here you go. I loved our Beachfront Suite.

    Beachfront Suite (2232):


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    I don't have pics, but I can TELL you how it differs. It's missing the sitting room area. The bathroom is smaller and the closet is smaller. The bed is positioned differently, but it has awesome vaulted ceilings and a great big gorgeous wrap around verandah. Also, the closet is bigger in the upstairs units.

    We've stayed in both the lower and upper suites, and like the upper better, simply due to greater privacy. We have since switched to the Atrium suites, since it gives us an extra day at the resort, and honestly, we like them just as much, if not better than the BFS's.
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    asthecrowsfly- thanks so much those are great pics..LOVE that wrap porch its what made me look into the bfs to begin with. was your room an upper on a three room unit or part of the newer rooms?

    vee- thanks for your great descriptions! are those for the 3 unit or 4 unit as well?
    thanks for the great comments...keep them coming!
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    The pictures that AsTheCrowFlys posted are perfect. We stayed in the BFS and we loved it. We loved being able to walk out our door and right to the beach. The path was in front of our suite but it didn't bother us. People are not all in your business and we felt that it gave us enough privacy. I am a little high maintenance and I had enough room. I have learned not to bring much anyways since I am in a bathing suite all day long and only need sundresses for dinner. This year we are trying the Atrium suite. If decide we don't like it as much as the BFS we will just book it next year!

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    Our verandah wasn't the wrap-around kind; it was just very large. I loved that rocker chair. We were in a 4-suite building in the older section. Here's a picture of our building. Our suite was the one on the upper left.

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    Here is one of ours. Room 2234. But remember, you can not request a specific room.
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    We had a BFS for our wedding-moon and it was perfect. Before we went I was hoping for a ground floor room, but we got a first floor room - which ended up being perfect. It was a little more private and the views were a touch better. Just want to go back now...

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    Beach-bum, was your room the larger of the second floor rooms with a wrap-around balcony?

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    Here's some pics of our room, 2235, a 2nd floor BFS with wrap-around balcony: There are pics of CSA and CSS in this grouping.


    bart & Bug

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    great pics everyone! im so looking forward to going to CSA i think any room would be wonderful, but really looking forward to a BFS...keep the pics coming..

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    Is there glass behind the shutters in the beach front suites? I was just looking at the pictures thinking about how loud it might be without glass.


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