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Sept. 2 - Sept. 9, 2010. If I had to choose just one word to sum up our vacation at CSA I would say AMAZING! The grounds of the resort are filled with so many different plants and trees, all the different shades of green are so beautiful. The beach is so pretty and the sand is so fine and soft. We stayed in an Atrium suite, ground level, it was perfect. The room has a coffee maker and if you need more than one cup to start your day just write the maid service a nice note and they will leave you more. The closet has plenty of room but a few more hangers would be nice. The resort supplies shampoo, body wash, bar soap, after sun gel and a shower cap. The towels are big and fluffy and I always had plenty. We had breakfast everyday at the Palm, it was awesome. Feathers was amazing, it was one of the best meals I have ever had, the mashed potatoes were the best and the dessert tray for two was wonderful. The drinks are delicious and not weak. We were early risers each day, we got to the beach by 6:30, settled into our spot under a palapa and we used it only leaving for breakfast and lunch. I saw many palapas saved and no one showed up or showed up really late in the day. I felt a bit guilty at first that I was able to score one so easily, this guilt was based on previous posts on the forum about palapa hoarders, BUT we used it and spent pretty much the entire day there so after the 3rd day, I didn't feel bad. We rented jet skis just once, went to Ricks Cafe, took the Catamaran trip and got to meet Rasta Ralphie who was awesome. The jetski guys did get annoying after a while, they try to lure you in when you are swimming and the are persistant. The beach vendors were not a problem, they are hard-working people, enduring the heat in street clothes. Be sure to buy a shell from Donny the shell guy, he has some lovely Queen Conch shells, the Mountain Man wood carver is so nice and came back for me with a frog carving that I wanted. He and I got to chat a bit and he told me a bit about his life and I got a really good vibe from him. Each time I saw him on the beach I brought him a bottled water, I can't imagine walking around all day in the heat like they do. The Sunshine Band that comes around the beach to play is really good. One of the guys was on his own one day and I asked him to play some rock and roll, he said sure he knew a song or two so I gave him some cash and walked away, he played Hello by Lionel Richie, I still chuckle at this, that is not rock and roll to me but I will say he did a great job and it is a funny memory my husband and I won't forget (maybe you had to be there). The weather was awesome, the food great, the staff was friendly, we did encounter some that were not so friendly but the ones that were totally made up for it. This place is the best an we will be back. The worst part of the trip was leaving. I still haven't shaken off the after vacation blues. If you are thinking about going to CSA don't second guess yourself, you have made the right decision. Like they say - once you go you know. I thought this saying was corny when I first read it but it's true.