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    Default Romance Rewards massage

    We just booked at CSA and are eligible for the 30 minute massage each. I was wondering if it is possible for my husband and I to be in the same room for that? I see that it's an option in the brochure as a 'couples massage" but didn't know if it was available in the complementary Romance Rewards option. Also, is it possible to pay to add on time to the reward massage (ie, up it to an hour by paying the difference?)
    Thanks in advance!

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    When having the Couples Massage you will be side by side with your husband/wife and each will have there own person giving you both the same massage. It is
    a truly enjoyable experience

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    At CTI, CN and CSS we have always had the Couples 30 minute massage in the same room. I believe the resorts will let you pay the difference to upgrade to a longer massage but we've never done that.

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    CSA put us in the same room for it without us even asking for it. They even put us in the same room when we returned later on in our trip when we each booked different massages to take place at the same time. Again, we didn't even ask for it.

    Consider upgrading to an hour. It's worth it.

    Don't forget to tip.
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    You will love the new spa at CSA! We upgraded our massage to an hour this past January, it was well worth it. Thirty minutes hardly even gives you time to relax. We were in the same (air-conditioned) treatment room together. Make sure to arrive early so that you can relax in the Buddha pool before your treatment.

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    Thank you!!

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    Default tip

    ok, we're not used to going to spas or anything like that, so about how much would we each tip for the half hour complimentary massage.(not being cheap or too extravagant)

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    Side-by-side. At Couples Negril, we upgraded to the tree house for an additional $10 each. Well worth it!

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