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    Default Anyone at CN that can do me a favor?

    Hello there fellow CN lovers and those of you who are there now, next week, or even the following week..LOL

    My wife and I have been to CN 8 times already since we got married there.

    There a special friend of ours who works there, Mesha...We just adore her...She typically works the bar at the AN beach.

    Well, she is pregnant and unfortunately we won't get to see her in her present condition until our annual trip the end of March in 2011.

    What I am eluding too is, if there's anyone who might run into to her, if you have a camera, would you be able to snap a photo of her and post it please?

    If you see her tell her that Ken and Karen want to see what she looks like all beautiful and pregnant!

    We are SO HAPPY for her, she's so sweet.

    We'd really appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance

    KKINMASS [AKA - Ken and Karen]

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    I can't believe that she is pregant! That is so wonderful because she so wants to have a child. I even brought her a special luck T-shirt. Does anyone know when she is due? I am so excited for her!!

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    I believe she is due in December

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    Ken/Karen...we won't be going anytime in the near future(2010)...but can we assume that we will see you guys again this coming March?..
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    Default Definately Going Back

    Hi Lisa and Pat,

    We would love to get back to CN for Christmas this year but I don't think that'll happen. We are booked for March 2011...we head down on March 23 thru April 2nd. Is it to early to start counting down the days? Ken and I both started new jobs this year, so by March we'll really be ready for some R&R at our 2nd home. This will be our 9th trip!

    Hope you guys are well. When are you going back? Do you know if Mark and Darlene have booked yet?

    Karen & Ken

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    Does anyone know if Meesha is having a boy or a girl?

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    Ken/Karen...we talked with Mark and Darlene...they are booked for the 23rd of March as well(2011)...we, on the other hand, are booked for March, but our local school board made spring break earlier this coming yr. we are there from Mar 18-26... so like we told them, we will get the place primed for you...and will see you for a couple of days =)
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    Default Looking forward to 2011

    Pat & Lisa,

    Looking forward to another WONDERFUL time at our second home. This will be our 9th visit and I can't wait. Glad to hear that Mark and Darlene will be returning.

    See you some jerk chicken for us


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    We will be there Oct 30 - Nov 6th we will try to remember to take a picture and post for you

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