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    Default CSA X-mas lights and ice

    We will be going to CSA 12/9-12/19 and were wondering if people put lights on the railings? Does the resort decorate for X-mas?

    Are there any ice machines there. When we were at CSS last yr we had to go to a bar to get a bucket of ice

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    We've stayed at CSA the last two Decembers. Dec 13-18 in 2007 and Dec 17-22 in 2008. With each passing day the staff adds more decorations. This past December several people put up lights on their verandahs. In 2007 I think that there was only the one couple that did so. They are long time repeaters and stay for 3-4 weeks every December. They are always in a Beachfront room and have lights and a small tree.

    Below are two blurry photos, but it gives you an idea.

    Attachment 749

    Attachment 750

    All of the Verandah rooms have ice machines in the ground level stairway areas or any bar will give you ice. If you are in an original section room there will be a jug of ice water. We use the ice out of that for our in room drinks.
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    I have not been during Christmas, but have seen pictures and the resort does decorate (quite beautifully!). I don't think they would allow guests to hang their own lights though.

    I don't remember if there are ice machines, as we have never looked for one. Housekeeping usually does a good job of filling your ice bucket for you every morning and evening. If you find that it isn't being done, just make a specific request and they will take care of you.


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    Yes, Yes and Yes

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    Monica and I were at CSA in Dec 2007 and 2008. Like Yazmon said, I only remember one family having lights in 2007. That said, a lot of people had lights in 2008. We did and will be bringing them back for 2009 and 2010. CSA does a great job on their Christmas decorations. Cheeck out the first place winner for the May photo contest.

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    By the way, come and join us at the Meet-up at Couples Swept Away December 2009 thread. Looking forward to meeting you at CSA.
    Jamaica soon come

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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