We just returned this past Tuesday from our 10th trip back to CTI our home and we had a great time. First was being totally surprised by Mo and Will showing up early and shocking us at the island with their arrival. Then meeting all the great new friends on the island and the epic games of 3-man that were lethal at times (my secret was to keep my mouth shut during the game). I already miss my cupcake and thank you Jane for being my Sandra Dee!! I will say this that year after year not only does the experience itself get better but the food appears to get even tastier each year... the patio buffet with the all you can eat lobster tails was INCREDIBLE!! It was great seeing our friends on staff such as Kirk, Byron, Kimoni, Terry, Damion, Simone, Rohand and Sharon (if I missed anyone sorry). To all our friends at water sports that kept the boat back and forth to the island running thank you especially Sherif, Gary, Errol, Dainey and our favorite Delroy!!

About the island, one day the water was real rough and it actually broke the anchoring chain and rope from one side of the dock. They had four people out there working to fix it and the island was up and running by 11:30AM...thank you!! The weather was perfect as it only showered a couple of days and it was HOT!

We had the pleasure of meeting Randy Russell aka Randymon. He was there doing some publicity for all the resorts. It was great to meet him and get to know him. We feel as though we gained a friend and we hope he feels the same (we are keeping you up on your promise to Cape May). Randy also asked us to be a part of a filming for Secrets of Resort Chefs. We got to tour the kitchen as well as have a delicious meal. The kitchen facilities are amazing. If you get the chance ask for a tour of the kitchen. For some reason the only room they wouldn't let us in was the liquor storage room(HA HA). Also make sure to check out the youtube video Randy took of us which can be found via the Couples FaceBook page.

To everyone we met we hope we will see you again and next time you can be officially initiated into the Ivan Islanders group!!

Thank you to everyone who made our trip special.


*this message has been approved by Kim