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    Default Need some advice...CSA vs CTI and CSS

    My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful 8 days at CSA and couldn't have asked for a better first trip to Couples.

    Anyway, my husband and I are talking about returning in January 2013 for my birthday but we're thinking about doing a split between CTI and CSS. Both resorts look absolutely beautiful, and the menus look even better than CSA, which I didn't think was possible.

    The only thing we are worried about is that CTI and CSS will be a let down after how fantastic CSA was. Has anyone been to both? What is your opinion?

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    We have been to all 3. CSA is our favorite, but CTI is a VERY close second. We visited CSS in 2007 and had a good, but not great time. That being said, we just booked CSS again for this January (our anniversary) since we want to give it another shot. (We had crummy weather, and half the resort was closed for refurbishment.) We booked in a G-Block room this time, instead of beachfront, since we would rather have the expansive balcony (more like CSA) and the spectacular view (more like CSA.) Also, the fitness complex there was better than CTI. (Important to us, not important to many....)

    IMHO, the food at CSA is the best by a VERY VERY VERY small margin. -- although the new Bayside at CTI had perhaps, the best Pad Thai I have EVER had. (I'll miss that at CSS this winter....)

    You really can't go wrong with either resort, IMHO, but do NOT go comparing them to CSA. They are different. (Very different) but each is wonderful in its own right.

    If you have specific questions, please feel free to PM me. veronica dot vandyke at gmail dot com.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KCJen View Post
    The only thing we are worried about is that CTI and CSS will be a let down after how fantastic CSA was. Has anyone been to both? What is your opinion?
    Never been to CSS but....

    I would have no fear. My wife and I are huge CSA fans. Last year we decided to try the new CTI because we were curious... I admit I was a little apprehensive before we went... But I have to say not only did I like CTI, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Ochos Rios side of things. It is different than CSA, but CTI has a whole lot of good things going for it. I suspect CSS is the same way. Now we are torn about where to go for our "Couples" vacation every year. Go and have fun. I doubt you will be let down.

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    KCJen - We went to CSA in Dec of 2009, and had a great vacation. In Feb of 2010, we thought we'd try CSS, and had the best holiday we've ever had!! So good, in fact, that when we got home, we searched for deals, and got a great one the first week of April, and went back to CSS again. If you send us an e-mail at , we'll send you lots of info about CSS, our comparison of the two, and some of our pictures from our trips to CSS.

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    We've been to CSA 3 times and loved all of the trips. This past June we had the opportunity to take an extra vacation so we decided to try CTI and experience the Ocho side of the island and go to Dunn's River. We also did the trading places to CSS so we got to experience it also.
    We did not care for CTI but really liked CSS. CTI was too modern for our taste and did not seem as romantic as CSA. We also had bad luck with the weather and the seaweed/beach problem (which appears to have been cleared up now) and that affected our overall impression. CSS felt more like CSA with the lush vegetation and we just had a much more relaxed feeling while there (we returned for a second trading places day since there was room). We'll probably return to CSS in the future as we really enjoyed the Dunn's excursion but our heart remains at CSA. We are going there in December.

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    Great to hear that people are so happy with CTI or CSS after CSA, as this is what we're doing.
    We went to CSA in 2008 for 2 weeks for our weddingmoon. Now we're trying a CTI/CSS split for 2 weeks in Dec/Jan. So I'll let you know when we return. I'm not worried. I think we'll just love each Couples resort in different ways, i.e. the beach may be better at CSA perhaps, but we'll like the privacy of the OR beaches. I think we'll love the view, tall coconut palms and newness of CTI, and the lushness and romance of CSS. I want to have a massage in those huts overlooking the water. We're looking forward to horseback riding and Dunn's and just a different area to explore on the cat cruise and diving, etc. I really don't think we can go wrong with any Couples resort.

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