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    Default Romance Rewards question...

    Has anyone ever requested the sparkling wine & confectionary or candles/oils instead of the t-shirts? Were you pleased with your choice? Need help deciding. Thanks!

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    We get the candles/oil most trips since we run a lot of races, and the LAST thing we need are more T-shirts.....

    It's a cute little scented candle and a little bottle of massage oil. The REAL reason that I get it, though, is it comes in a great little coconut bowl that I use for floating flowers and for jewelry storage (next to the sink in the bathroom.)

    If you don't have the t-shirt, they're nice, but honestly, it's just another t-shirt.

    We never go for the sparkling wine/confectionary since we can get that at any bar/restaurant.
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    We were supposed to get t-shirts last time but never did receive them. I was thinking we would ask for something else to increase the chance of actually getting it this time but then I remembered that we were supposed to get sparkling wine for our honeymoon and didn't receive that either. The coconut bowl sounds nice.

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    Chiming in to say the coconut bowl is really cute, and that the oil smells really good. If you've got a ton of t-shirts, I'd suggest going with the oil and candle set. Like Vee says, you can get sparkling wine at any bar. Don't know what the "confectionary" consists of, though.

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