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    Default What is the Hideaway at CSS?

    I was just looking at the resort map for CSS and wondered what is the "Hideaway"? It is located on the eastern side of the resort on the water. Also, what is "Restaway" just to the west of The Hideaway?

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    The hideaway and the restaway are massage huts high in the cliffs with views to die for. The hideaway is our choice for spa treatments. If you don't get the hideaway you will not be dissapointed with the restaway or any other massage huts @ CSS

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    Those are the names of the massage huts at the Spa.
    They have about five of them to choose from. Hide Away
    is the best one for the view.
    "Once you know"

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    They are the wonderful massage huts overlooking the ocean!
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    Thanks everyone! I will be enjoying a wonderful massage there in just 129 days............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............

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