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    My husband and I have reservations Sept 26 thru Oct 2. We have both been to Jamaica before, him once, me 8 times, but never to one of the resorts. We have been doing mission work in the Morant Bay area. We are not really lay on the beach people, although some of that would be nice.

    We are really interested in spending about half the day exploring the Ochos Rios area, so we are trying to plan our week to get everything in. We would like to see/do:
    Dunns River
    Zipline (Chukka tours)
    Tubing (Chukka tours)
    Catamaran Sunset
    Couples Massage

    In order to get all of this in, we want to make some reservations and have heard that Dunns River and shopping should be done on days the cruise ships are NOT in port. How do we find out what days they are in port?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Thought someone would have answered this by now.

    Cruise ship schedule for Ocho Rios

    Select your month and year and this web site will tell you what ships are docked there each day and how many people the ship holds.
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