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    Default Calling all Past Secret Rendezvouser's

    The "official" Secret Rendezvous thread!

    Where did you stay and when?

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    We booked the SR and got CTI 9/11/10 to 9/18/10. We may book the SR for our next trip also, just depends on what great Wednesday deals pop up!!

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    Just found out where we'll be staying next week - CN! We stayed at CSA in the past and looking forward to Negril again.

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    CSS March 2008
    CSS April 2009

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    CSS March 2009

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    CSS March 2009

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    Wow, this is exciting! Who else, and where did you go?

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    Cti 9/10-9/18

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    Cti 6/5 - 6/12
    Gino (from Reno) and Kristie

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    We are at CSA right now. It's pouring rain or I would not be answering this question. Hopefully I won't be on the computer any other days of this trip.

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    Kevysuz, I am assuming you booked a SR and were assigned to CSA? I'm sorry its raining on your vacation! Hopefully you had some sunny days as well. I would love to see your pics!

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    Default 5 years in a row

    march.....5 years in row....css.... now I want css next year, so i booked it

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    Trouble, You got CSS 5 Years in a row? Wow! What are the odds, should have just booked another SR, with those odds!

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    Default Csa

    We got an atrium suite at CSA Sept 24-30. We may have gotten the best atrium suite in the place...bottom floor, ocean view. We did get to ride out Tropical Storm Nicole, but it was a wonderful trip nonetheless.

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    Default CSS - we think?

    We stayed at CTI in April this year and loved it so much that we're heading back to Jamaica for Thanksgiving. We booked the fabulous secret rendezvous deal that came up in September and just got our "final payment" receipt today - from CSS! This surprised me a bit, since they seem to have the least space open during that time, but we're excited about trying one of the other resorts.

    Has anyone ever had one resort show up on their final receipt and then been assigned to a different resort (either 7 days out or upon arrival)? What kind of room did you get?

    We'll be delighted (of course) with whatever we get - I'm mostly curious to hear about other folks' experiences.


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    chellfish, did you book through Couples or use a travel agent. We did the same special and have made our last payment also. We used a TA and she said she would let us know when she heard something.
    We have been to CN 6 times and would love to try the the Ocho Rios side this time. We too are going Thanksgiving week.
    I will be happy any place they put us though.

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    We'll be on our SR 3 weeks from now so I'm very curious about which resorts have been picked for everyone.

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    We booked the SR for November 18-25th. It's our first time to Jamaica and we are so excited! As soon as I know where we are going, I'll post!

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    I just received my last deposit reminder (going Dec 1 - 10), and the header says "Couples Tower Isle". It also says "Deluxe Garden" under the confirmation number, as well as "Fastlink Only Rate 3", whatever that might mean. This will be our 5th trip to Couples, first time booking SR, and first time we will not be in Negril! I'm scared and excited, I hope the resort lives up to all the reviews!

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    Hi again,

    denkim, we booked directly through the website, not through a TA, so we had the receipt emailed directly to us from Couples. That's how I saw that the header was from CSS, though we'll see where we actually end up going in a few weeks when we get the "official" notice from Couples. Perhaps we'll see you there!

    candied_tattoo, our trip will overlap with yours, so perhaps we'll see you there! Where did your final receipt come from?

    sun_lover, we absolutely loved CTI - don't be scared, just have a great time! There's so much to do there (or nothing at all) - we had a great time climbing Duns River Falls, going on the horseback ride, and all the other stuff that you can only do in Ocho Rios. Have a wonderful trip!

    Any other SR experiences? I'm still interested to know where folks ended up going - October travelers?


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    CN - November 2005
    CSS - June 2007

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    We will arrive on Friday; going to Couples Negril! We've been to CSS and CTI before, but this is the first time we've done SR, and we're excited to check out the other side of the island!

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    Our SR countdown is at 24 days!!! I guess we'll find out officially in 17 days. However, our final payment hit our credit card as a payment to "Couples Ocho Rios". I'm guessing that means CTI for us. I'll be sure to reveal the official destination when we find out.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We are booked for Oct. 31st. I can't wait to find out where we are going. I will reply when i know! Hooray!

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    Chellfish, I booked online, and we paid in full right then, so we won't know where we're going until a week before. I'm sooooo dang excited I can't stand it. We booked it 72 days prior to take off and now we're at 29 days!!! AAAhhhhh!!! Once I know I'll be posting asap. Perhaps we'll meet some of you fine November go'ers then!

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