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    Default Couples after a major change in your life

    I'm just wondering if any of you have spent a vacation at Couples with someone other than the person with whom you first discovered (and fell in love with) Couples with. If you divorce, or lose a spouse or significant other, and are lucky enough to find a later true love, will you love the experience as much (just in a different light) or will you feel like you could only have one love with which to share Couples. If any of you have thoughts or experience on this subject I'd love the input.

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    Default new memories

    no. i think the place is just a place its the person your with that makes it special. dont deprive yourself of your "true love" (couples) just because you happen to find it with someone else. go and make new special memories .

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    How does your SO feel about vacationing where you vacationed with a prior SO?

    There are four Couples Resorts. If you and your prior SO loved one of the Ocho Rios resorts, consider planning a vacation with you new SO at one of the Negril Resorts, or vice versa. All of the resorts are different, so if you think it might be uncomfortable visiting the resort(s) that you stayed at during a prior relationship, simply choose one of the others.
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    I agree with Pamela, Go to a different resort. Intentions may be good, but as much as you try not to, you will remember things you did before. Don't invite distractions. New love deserves new memories and discoveries (together).

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