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    Default CSS or CN can't decide????

    Instead of going to CTI... I'm trying to decide between CSS and CN? I want to have the ability to sun bath AN...but also looking for something romantic with some activity but not a huge party....will only if we are up for it LOL. I didn't want to do Hedo because I didn't want a full on party for this trip. My hubby is 38 and I'm 36...I just don't want a dead resort...meaning I want us to have options. Hope this makes sense.

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    CSS has a MUCH better a/n area than CN but we LOVE Negril.

    We have been to H-II a couple times, we like Couples much better and CN is just across the street.

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    I'm leaning toward to CN just after reading all the reviews, what each resort has to offer etc etc.

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    We love them both. CSS oozes romance and you have the option of the Balloon Bar at night to hang out at.

    CN has the incredible beach which we love! And also has the piano bar for late evening entertainment.

    The AN beach at CSS is incredible with the swim-up bar and pool. The area is very private, but the beach is rocky and the water can be chilly with the river running into it.

    CN's AN beach isn't as private, but we love the ocean and being able to float in it all day long. The ocean is pure sand without any rocks and the temperature is always perfect.

    If you are a big pool person I'd go to CSS, if you are a beach person I'd go to CN.

    I'd go to CN since you have experienced the Ocho Rios side of the island and see the incredible beaches in Negril. Plus you always have the option of going into Negril to some of the nightclubs if you want to really party one night.

    Not sure what drbcwp is talking about, but across the street from CN is the local airstrip. HII is on Long Bay and CN is on Bloody Bay, both parts of 7 Mile Beach, but they aren't real close to each other. HII is just down the beach from CSA.
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    Haven't ever been to CSS but CN is wonderful! When we were there last year there was never any one on the AN beach. So, you may have a wonderful private day out there. Also, the activities at CN are never ending just make sure you take a peak at the daily calendar so you always know what time something starts!!

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    That's a tough one - we went to CN 5X in a row and then tried CSS. By far SSB is the best AN sunbathing has to offer. CN has the best beach ut the AN experience is very open and after experiencing SSb I won't go back to CN for quite some time.

    I am sure that my opinions did not help you it's just what I have experienced. I think I saw less of CSS because SSB was so fantastic and We were there from morning until 7 or so then off to dinner after a nap. I enjoyed the nightlife more at CSS too but that may have been because our room was in E block which is right by the Balloon Bar and the nightly entertainment stage.
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    I keeping flip flopping on my decision. I think I just might flip a coin :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotblondemom View Post
    I keeping flip flopping on my decision. I think I just might flip a coin :-)
    ....I don't think you can go wrong either way. We went to CN last November and loved it. Trying CSS next month. Goal now is to visit all 4.

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