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    Default Drink menu

    Any where to get a copy of the drink menu with the list of ingredients?

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    did you put drink menu in the search engine? I'll bet you will find lots of posts. Good luck. Try the Hummingbird for sure.

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    I'm trying to find a copy of the drink menu also. Searching on here doesn't seem to find a full menu or list that i can locate, only peoples suggestions on what to try. Not looking for suggestions to try, and we know the bartenders will make anything we want. I know at CN they had/have a full drink menu that we've browsed thru in the past while there, just wondering if anyone knows of a copy of that posted up online somewhere that we can look thru as we prep for another trip back to CSS this weekend.

    Maybe Couples can post the menu up on their main site somewhere? I'm sure a lot of people out there would love to see it also.


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    Default Drink Menu Link

    This is why I bookmark so many sites.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    What drink menu????

    There is not a specific drink menu that all bars at all four resorts use. If you are looking for a recipe of a specific drink, i'm sure that someone here on the board will know the answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedBlueWater View Post
    This is why I bookmark so many sites.
    ...That is some great info!! Thanks.

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    Thanks, NeedBlueWater! That's a big help!

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