Two years ago, I was sitting in the game room at CN and watched the last three innings of the World Series as my Phillies won!!! The first six innings were the night before we left home. My lovely lady was very understanding. She even sat with me, cheering for the Phils, my home town team.

The following year, we were in Jamaica for the entire series. Unfortunately, the Phillies did not win, but I was still happy to see them playing. The final game was the only time NYY fans outnumbered PHL fans.

I see the series will tentatively start 10/27, the day after we arrive at CN. If the Phillies win the NL crown, I'm hoping to have company in the game room. I'll be wearing a gray 2008 championship shirt or a red Jimmy Rollins shirt.

(I'm also hoping to see the Phillies win it in four games, so it doesn't cut into my Jamaica time too much.)