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    Just got back from CN and as an 8 time repeater to CSS and a 3 time repeater to CSA, I now understand the CN fanatics. My husband has become one of them, I am still swaying towards CSA, but i now understand the sense of family and meeting the same people everyday and ultimately making good friends, we had such a wonderful time and the staff was just unbelievable. I would say of CN, as Jamaicans would say, "she likkle but she tallawah". We will definitely be back.

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    We are going to CSA for trip#4 in April and really are looking forward to doing the trading places thing at CN.I have been reading rave reviews for years and can't wait to see for myself.

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    I guess there's something to be said about CN being the only one of the four properties to have been built from the ground up as a Couples resort. I know many people have said that CSS is the physically most beautiful resort, and it's pretty hard to argue the point, what with the terraced cliffside buildings, the breathtaking terraced vistas, those hidden little getaways that seem to pop up at every turn, etc.

    But for my money, at least from the ground level, CN takes the prize as the most appealing and certainly the most tropical looking of the batch. Now throw in the the folks who populate the place, both from customer and employee standpoints, and small wonder this place wows so many and why it boasts such a large, loyal following.

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