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    Default Romance Rewards Tshirt Question

    We are doing a split stay between CTI and CSS and will be repeaters for both stays. As I am looking at my options for the romance rewards, I am wondering if the tshirts are the same at every resort or do different resorts have different shirts?
    Knowing this would make my decision easier!
    Thanks for the help

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    Our Tshirts that we have gotten before at CSA say Swept Away on them.

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    We actually got T-shirts from CSA that said "Sewpt Away" on them!
    The proofreaders must have been asleep at the wheel that day.

    My point is you never know what you'll get for your Romance Rewards T-shirt. The surprise is half the reward!

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    we have ones that say Swept Away on them. however i believe the shirts we saw last April had Couples Resorts on the back.


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    We have T-shirts that have a picture of CN and say CN on them and also the same when we stayed at CSS, but this past spring we were at CTI and I was dissapointed not to get one with a picture and CTI on the shirt. It only said a special couple on them and were very blah. I don't know if they are going to them for all resorts now, but I was hoping for a special one from each of he resorts we were at. Hope to return to CN though, T-shirt or not, if everything is good here at home.

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    A few years back each resort had it's own shirt, but they have since done away with them and all shirts are the same.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Here's a question, would you get a repeaters package at both resorts if you are splitting a stay in one trip?

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    Yes. They used to be all different and really neat with the couples Deja vu on them. Now they are very boring, just blue words "Couples Jamaica"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondie View Post
    Here's a question, would you get a repeaters package at both resorts if you are splitting a stay in one trip?
    Good question. I am curious about the same thing.
    We're booked on a split CTI/CSS and they are two separate bookings. We put down two deposits, have two different final payment dates, have to check-in and check-out of each resort, and we expect that we can go to both repeaters dinners if we want. So I would THINK you would get two packages too.
    Mind you, if the shirts are all the same, we don't need 4 of them.

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    Blondie ~ yes. Even if the first resort you stay at will be your first time to Couples, the second resort you stay at you will be considered a repeater.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    we split our trip this past year between CN and CTI and we were invited to both repeaters dinners, got two gifts and because of our points got massages at both

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