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    Default wedding dinner at the beach party + anyone wear their dress to dinner?

    CTI has their beaach party/dinner on Monday's. I don't like Asian food and that is the only other place to eat that night. If you did what was it like?

    Alternatively I could always pick the Tuesday...

    Did anyone wear their dress to dinner? Is this common?


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    I am not getting married until July 2011, but I have been thinking about what to wear and I think I am going to just get a nice short ivory dress for the evening. I am getting married at 10 am and I really think I am going to be way to hot to wear my dress.

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    I am getting married on Nov 10 2010 @ 4:00 @ CTI. Not sure yet what we're doing for dinner that night. I'm bouncing back and forth between the private beach dinner and 8 Rivers. I love the idea of the private beach dinner, but we're only there 5 nights and I want to try to eat at as many of the restaurants as we can. Plus, the private dinner is additional money I don't know if I want to spend considering we're already at an all inclusive resort. But I am planning on wearing my dress. I figure I might as well wear it as long as I can seeing as I'll not be wearing it again. Plus I'd like to keep the wedding and celebration mood into the evening.

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    Default Wedding SA 8/13/10

    We are getting married at 4:00 on 8/13/10. I am planning on wearing my dress for the ceremony, our private reception and to the dinner and beach party that night. Since it is probably the only time I will ever wear it I plan on leaving it on as long as I can stand it! I am bringing a casual white sundress though to put on as the night gets into the later hours! I say it's your day, wear whatever you want!!!

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    My daughter is getting married at SA on 8/16 at 3pm and we are having a private dinner on the beach that evening. She plans on keeping her wedding dress on as long as she comfortably can!! Its the last time she'll ever get to wear it and its beautiful!! Can wait!!!!!

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    Recently got married in July 2010 at CN @10am.

    It rained after ceramony and pictures during lunch which was fine. Then cleared up for our catameran cruise. And STORMED when we returned. We were planning on the bonfire beach party that night, but it got rained out.

    I guess they started the bonfire later that night, but we ended up going to bed early as we were exhausted from the days events, and missed it! I would have stayed up for it through i was bummed.

    I trashed my wedding dress in the water. and bought a Fun/Short white "wedding party dress" to wear at lunch/dinner later that day. Was planning on wearing it to bonfire party, but missed it!

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    We had a vow renewal at CTI in August and I wore a strapless ivory gown. I wanted to be a bride again and wear the dress as long as possible. I wore the dress to dinner. We had a private dinner on the beach that night. I would have also worn it to one of the restaurants and beach party if we didn't have the private dinner. It's your special day to celebrate so just do what you want. Many other guests will congratulate you,let you know how special you look, and you will feel like the center of attention! Have fun and enjoy!

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