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    Default Question about Atrium Suite - sofa or chair?

    Hi, me again - I have decided to book a Garden Verandah Suite but request that if an Atrium opens up, to change it to that (they have blocked off all available ones for weddings, it seems, but I would think not every one would be taken when all shakes out?)

    My question is: do all atrium suites have someplace else to sit besides the hammock? I see pix that show a sofa as well, but wondered if all Atrium suites have the sofa. Hubby would NOT do well with a hammock!!



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    Atriums have the hammock and a sofa on the verandah/patio. In addition, they have a wicker chair in the room, which we promptly moved out to the verandah as well. Note to couples: another wicker chair on the verandah would be nice.
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    Thank you very much! I have never been to Couples (or Jamaica) and already I want to book a return trip! This message board is so helpful, I feel like I know the place already.


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    Yes, there is a bench cough thing on the wall. It has cushions and it's pretty big.

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