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    We are sitting on our balcony listening to the evening concert, tree frogs sing, and the waves lap on the beach at CSS on the last night of the best vacation ever! The sad bus to the airport comes tomorrow morning.

    We had our first AN expirience the first day right after arriving. We walked in, looked around, saw some naked people, and we walked over to the far right as advised and got undressed - no liquid encouragement needed. We sat down on our cushions and looked around. It seemed that no one even noticed us. No one pointed, laughed, or gave us a second look. Within a few minutes it seemed normal. We went back every day.

    We are more into quiet beach time than the party at the pool but we did visit with some people. We walked to the beach, showers, rest rooms, bars, etc. It is no big deal. Everyone was super friendly. We never got the impression that we where being watched or judged. You walk around, talk, and every one is just naked and comfortable. It seemed to be more ackward to be there with clothes on. We wanted them off as soon as we arrived and felt more uncomfortable once dressed and ready to go.

    This defiantly won't be our last time. We are already planning our return.

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    Great questions & great answers! My husband & I will be celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary @ the end of June. While we have been on multiple CO beaches, we have never graced an AN beach nor dined at an AN eatery! We are 40, semi-partiers, and looking for a relaxing vacation, for sure. 8 days sans children is looking really good right about now. Can't wait to join the SSB AN club.

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    Welcome to everyone, i was so glad to hear that the AN experience was as enjoyable. I must admit that it is a description made many times on other threads on this site, by your fellow countrymen (and women). Overall great trip fro me and my wife,our trip is relaxing and enjoyable.

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    We booked for the first time last year. We made 2 trips. First trip to CN, second trip to CSS. We were determined to try AN for the first time at CN, but it didn't happen. After booking CSS we decided we had to try SSB (the AN area at CSS) and we went knowing that we were just going to hate it. We were in our heads pretty good about it as we have struggled with body image issues pretty much our entire adult lives. We decided to try anyways.

    We made our way over after stopping at main beach bar and slamming a few shots (you know, for nerves). We entered through the bamboo gate (insert ominous music in head here) looked around for a moment. We saw a palapa with 2 empty loungers. We didn't want to be too far away because we didn't want the first walk to the bathroom or bar to be too far for obvious naked parade reasons. The palapa in our sights was about half way down the beach. Made our way over, put our stuff down and proceeded to drop em. We couldn't believe we were doing it. We stripped down and quickly laid on the lounger on our bellies. We looked around for a few minutes, no one was pointing, no one was laughing, the world didn't end.

    We stayed there for a bit, still very uncomfortable being in a foreign environment, and being VERY self conscious. After a while, we decided to get in the ocean to cool down. That first walk was tough cause we had to pass by others (gasp). No one pointed, no one laughed, the world didn't end. We walked through the shin deep chilly water for about 10-15 feet then the warm caribbean we knew and loved hit our bodies. It was rather comfortable and oh so welcome so we could hide our naked selves in the water! We stayed out there for a while, becoming more comfortable. A few minutes later Aleshea said shit, I got to pee (the shots had worked there way down to bladder). So she said, if I gotta walk over to the bathroom where everyone is, we may as well grab our stuff cause she wasn't going by herself. I agreed. We made our way back to the palapa/loungers, but had to face everyone walking out of the ocean, and that was a little daunting and scary as hell cause we were still very self conscious. The few couples we passed simply greeted us with warm smiles and hellos and hows the water? We grabbed our stuff, and made our way over to the pool, never looking anyone in the eye (hiding behind sunglasses).

    We found a couple of loungers, set our stuff down, and got in the pool. No one laughed, no one pointed, the world didn't end. We slowly made our way over to the pool bar where there were lots of AN people! GASP! We were quickly greeted with just smiles, hey guys, welcome! Whatcha drinking? A few folks recognized us from the FB groups, so we got a couple of drinks and slowly started conversation with a few friendly folks. Aleshea decided she was about to pop so she got out of pool and made her way to the bathroom. She said that was VERY hard the first time, again, we have struggled with body image and self consciousness for a few decades (most of our adult life).

    A short while later, the drinks were still flowing, the world still hadn't ended, and everyone was so friendly. But not overly friendly like in a weird way. We quickly realized that really, no one cares (except you). The only people that cared were us and we needed to let that go. Awkwardness and anxiety soon gave way to acceptance. Acceptance then yielded to comfortableness. The world still hadn't ended, no one was pointing, no one was laughing. A short while later, I found myself playing pool volleyball with other AN goers. That was a new experience. Aleshea was having conversation with folks at the pool bar while I played the first round of volleyball. Long story short, we spent the whole first full day there, and then every single other day there the rest of the trip. Second day didn't require shots before going. We couldn't wait to get over there!

    We decided to leave our anxiety, our hangups, and our fears at the bamboo gate to SSB. Stepping out into that was one of the best things we could have done for ourselves. It really opened up our minds a little as we saw every shape, size and color there. We quickly realized that 99% of us are perfectly average, and all bodies are beautiful. We really enjoyed spending time with some of the most non judgmental and friendly down to earth people we have ever met and enjoyed being there, being a part of creation with the warm sun and the salty ocean air blanketing our bodies all over. It felt, well....natural! Was very freeing. We realized that we were way too far in our heads about it. CSS/SSB was the perfect first experience.

    Sorry this is so long, but I felt compelled to share our experience with you in the hopes it motivates you to let go of artificial hangups forced on us all by the world and just go experience it with your S/O and seriously, it is NOT worth stressing over. Once you are there you will see. Once you go you know!

    After being at SSB and experiencing this, here are our personal follow up thoughts. Many people struggle with self image, self confidence and angst at the notion of AN. Let me just tell you that ALL bodies are beautiful. It is our natural state, the way we were made and there is no reason to stress. Just go and see. All bodies are welcome, all are not judged. The world judges enough. Let it go for a while. Our personalities are what make us unique, all are celebrated, all are welcome. Some bodies have battle wounds, scars, stretch marks and have been fighting gravity. Some have reared children and brought life into this world and those bodies are special and should be (and are) celebrated. You will see all shapes and sizes and colors. Big, small, tall, short, wide, narrow, all kinds. All are beautiful. You will see that most of us are perfectly average and that we are all beautiful. Some women have mastectomies, some have scars, some have tattoos, some don't, some have large breasts, some don't, most are not symmetrical. Some men are growers, some men are showers. Most men are growers. Some bodies have lots of hair, some have very short hair, some have none. Everyone is perfect the way they were made and how they are. AN is about celebrating the body you have by shedding barriers, labels and things of the world that divide and categorize us. AN is about enjoying the warm sun, the cooling water, etc without man made barriers (Eden). AN is about stepping out of the world and connecting with your significant other on a deeper level. AN is about meeting people who are also struggling with the same things you do in the world and being in the moment and getting to know people for their personalities and who they truly are as a person and not what they wear, where they work, what they drive, or how much money they do or don't have. It simply doesn't matter. Just go and see. All you have to do is just let it go and be there. Oddly enough, many people who struggle with body image say AN is the best thing they have ever done for their self confidence and it helped them realize we are more than appearances, more than what the world defines us as and more than what we label ourselves as. Just go. It truly is an all accepting, and all in environment. Just go. Will you be nervous? Of course, for a few minutes. Let it go. Will it feel odd? Yes at first.....but then you start to realize no one is looking, no one is pointing, and no one is judging and that all are pretty much perfectly average and all of a sudden you realize you are becoming more and more comfortable and acclimated. I urge you to jump in, to embrace it and to talk with others. It truly helps and you will quickly find a sense of that most haven't experienced before. Just go.

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    How was the weather and stay when you were ther June 2017? We will be at CSS June 2018?

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    Thoughts to ponder!! When you get there don't wait until the end to go AN, no one knows you, there is every shape, size and age at the AN, No one knows you, but you will make friends you will hope to see on your next trip because you had so much fun! Yes I said next trip because you will be addicted.

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    We returned from CSS about six weeks ago.

    I've browsed the forums since returning, but certainly haven't given them the attention I did in the weeks leading up to our trip.

    I figured hear would be a good place to share our experiences.

    First, my wife and I are hardly new to au naturel. We are fortunate to have a beach nearby, in Toronto. We also vacationed au naturel the only other time we visited Jamaica, almost 10 years ago, ironically, at a resort called "Sunset Beach Resort" in Montego Bay (I don't think it's there anymore).

    With that said, there were still things I was nervous/apprehensive about. I thought that it would be weird ordering drinks naked. I thought that it would be really weird ordering food, and eating food, naked. I thought that it would be weird participating in the games naked. I thought using the restrooms would be weird. I expected that we wouldn't talk to anyone the whole time.

    The first couple drink orders were awkward, but that was because I was thinking of the bartender. Here I was, standing on the pool deck, while she was in the sunken bar. My junk was at her eye level. That was weird for me the first time or two, until I realized, this happened to her hundreds of times a day, every day.

    Food wasn't weird at all. We lined up, got our burgers, and enjoyed food. I'm not sure it even registered that we were naked.

    As for entertainment, we were mostly participating from within the pool, but when we did join a game or two on the deck, it was completely natural. We played somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 games of pool volleyball.

    The washrooms were a little weird, but that's being fixed by the addition of new facilities (whenever they get them built). They were small, and could become crowded between volleyball games, or during other rushes. But honestly, all bathroom interactions, clothed or naked, are uncomfortable. I hate when the guy at the next urinal tries to make small talk.

    I could not have been more wrong in my assumption that we wouldn't talk to anyone. By the end of our week, there were dozens of people we knew by name; some of whom we exchanged contact info with. We specifically picked the same week to return next year, hoping to see many of the same people. I never felt more like part of a community than I did at SSB.

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    Steve T,
    So glad you enjoyed! I especially like the first sentence of the last paragraph " I could not have been more wrong in my assumption...." I tell people all the time that once you are at SSB, you completely forget that you are naked.
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    Default Going to CSS in June 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by JEANNEW View Post
    Steve T,
    So glad you enjoyed! I especially like the first sentence of the last paragraph " I could not have been more wrong in my assumption...." I tell people all the time that once you are at SSB, you completely forget that you are naked.
    We will be there the 2nd week of June and can't wait to experience SSB. Thanks for all of the posts with such great info.

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    I like about To all those who started a thread about their first AN experience and their worries about it (recently) at any of the Couples resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by thongers View Post
    We will be there the 2nd week of June and can't wait to experience SSB. Thanks for all of the posts with such great info.
    I hope you come back to the board and let us know how your experience went.

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    Seems like this thread needs a little nudge. How was was it for you at SSB thongers?

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    Last trip was in April 2019, great time as usual. The addition of a charcoal grill to cook Jerk Chicken and Burgers was a great idea, best burgers I've had there! Little hint, put some of the jerk sauce on your bun, adds a great flavour kick.

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    If you have made it this far in this thread, and you are reading this and still very, very unsure - OR - if your spouse is still nagging you about going and you're still very undecided...

    There is an option...

    Consider staying at Sans Souci and going to Sunset Beach at 5:00pm (or 6:00 depending on time of year) - this is when the beach becomes "Clothing Optional" and in the last couple of years this has been when more and more couples are coming out to give it a try.

    They may not get fully undressed - maybe just topless, or maybe one SO participates while the other does not - either way, this might be your chance to ease your SO into giving it a try.

    Personally, I find it more intimidating but if keeping bottoms on is the only way your SO is going to give it a try then this is your opportunity.

    ... and try the jerk sauce on some fries too! Nom Nom!

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    Great to see this thread running still. Over 313,000 view no less! We'll be back in October 2021 (hopefully) for a repeat prescription of sunshine and laughter! Not forgetting the odd cocktail too!

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    We'll be at SSB in October!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ct ti fan View Post
    We'll be at SSB in October!
    Us too! 5th-20th

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    Not really being a F-Book fan/user, do the F-Book groups have links or pins to this thread or the Couples website message board so people who are interested in trying SSB can easily find information to assist them in making their decision? Those that are too shy to ask a question in the FB group could find the info here where almost every topic has been discussed. We found this thread and so many of other threads on this message board to be very helpful when considering whether to try SSB. When you see how many visits this thread has gotten over the years then it definitely serves a purpose.
    If this thread isn't pinned somewhere prominently on the SSB FB pages, should it be considered by their respective administrators?

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