We are sitting on our balcony listening to the evening concert, tree frogs sing, and the waves lap on the beach at CSS on the last night of the best vacation ever! The sad bus to the airport comes tomorrow morning.

We had our first AN expirience the first day right after arriving. We walked in, looked around, saw some naked people, and we walked over to the far right as advised and got undressed - no liquid encouragement needed. We sat down on our cushions and looked around. It seemed that no one even noticed us. No one pointed, laughed, or gave us a second look. Within a few minutes it seemed normal. We went back every day.

We are more into quiet beach time than the party at the pool but we did visit with some people. We walked to the beach, showers, rest rooms, bars, etc. It is no big deal. Everyone was super friendly. We never got the impression that we where being watched or judged. You walk around, talk, and every one is just naked and comfortable. It seemed to be more ackward to be there with clothes on. We wanted them off as soon as we arrived and felt more uncomfortable once dressed and ready to go.

This defiantly won't be our last time. We are already planning our return.