My wife and I are very happy to be going to CSS on 2nd November. We are season A.I. goers and really love the reviews of the Couples resorts in Jamaica. Any of the resorts would have been fine but we chose CSS for its romantic setting and enclosed beaches. We are also looking forward to the AN beach as we have had little chance to experience this in Europe, the far east or other areas of the Carribean. My wife is a beautiful, slim, 40+ year old and I am the complete opposite! However, I agree with many that the shape of those who shop at Walmart is the best estimate of the shapes of people that go AN.

I read the new threads on this website almost every day and in particular the AN section, partly to see what the current subjects are as well as catching up on up-to-date news. What surprises me is the number of threads on the AN section which start with worries and concerns about doing the 'nekkid' thing and which then, after many people have taken their time to try to allay the concerns, fade away into nothingness. Original posters never seem to come back to the website and let us know how their first AN experiences were. Was it everything that the posters had talked about? Did they overcome their nerves and now would never look back to the 'fabric' side? Was it all too much and you didn't do the AN thing and if so, what was it that caused that angst?

To all those who started a thread about their first AN experience and their worries about it (recently) at any of the Couples resorts, let us know how it was for you. There is little point in these threads without feedback. In fact, the feedback from those who had worries before they went will, hopefully, be of the most benefit to those with similar concerns. It is all very well for seasoned Au Naturelle'ers to respond with confidence but those whose worries have been flushed away with their first experience must, surely, be the best advert for the AN thang?