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There is no need to feel 'uncomfortable' on an A/N beach as the people there are more likely to know and remember the colour of your eyes and the warmth of your personality rather than the shape and size (or in some cases the lack of it) of your body. Whereas on a clothed beach its easy to prejudge someone by the type of swim wear they have on. I first did A/N in my early 20s and now am in my mid 50s and so have experienced being both young looking with a 'thin(ish)' body and also being a lot larger and older on the AN beaches and besides the 30 years between my first and last visits I can't say I find my experiences basically any different now than all those years ago with the exception that the people on the beach/pool with me and my wife are generally a lot older than those who did it in the 80s which I think suggests in years to come when us oldies have moved 'upstairs' then A/N beaches may start to die out as there seems a lot less of the younger generation going for an all over tan these days.
Falcon, you speak much sense but I don't agree that the youngsters are bowing out. I suspect it may always have been the case in North America but it certainly isn't (and never has been) in Europe. We are (mostly) less averse to nudity and sex than you are in America. We allow swearing on our TV shows (after certain hours) and it is sometimes so painful to see the shock on Hollywood stars faces when they come to a chat show here (UK) and some British guest drops the 'F' bomb three times in one sentence! I'm not saying either way is right or wrong but Europe has been more acceptable to racy things for many, many decades.

I did a bit of nudie sunbathing in my twenties, again in my forties and the last three times I have been to CSS (in my early fifties). My wife was a first timer at SSB and for the first year was less comfortable with it than I. Now it is a 'given' that we will park ourselves there on day one, not moving until day 14. You are right, the age range is definitely higher but I think that this changes with time and all those youngsters that are in their twenties and think it is 'gross' to disrobe in front of anyone other than their lover and their doctor will mature to see that this is actually OK and just because we want an all over tan does not mean we are pervs! And definitely does not mean that we want to perve over other peoples partners. When we mature I think we get to a different place, partly because we can look at ourselves and accept that we are not perfect any more. We have aches and pains and limited energy. What does a youngster need with lying down for two weeks? They need to be windsurfing, water skiing, sailing and such like. Their time will come, much as ours did, with the realisation that the naked body is not what makes the person who they are (unless they are body dismorphic of course!). I firmly believe that that particular psychosis could be dealt with by a forced two week relaxation on SSB! Kbommp says it all so succinctly!

All the best.