Was the barmaid Floy? She is a wonderful person, so friendly, and always remembers us!

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We just had our first AN experience this past September during our honeymoon and LOVED IT!! We were staying at CSA for the week, but opted for the day trip to CN. Some background info.....my husband would be nekkid 100% of the time, if possible. Especially while out in the sun. I, on the other hand, just became comfortable wearing bikinis two years ago! He had mentioned multiple, multiple, multiple times how badly he wanted to do just do naked sunbathing. We thought we'd be stuck at a resort like Hedo or Desires, which I had NO desire to go to....so imagine our excitement when we discovered that Couples has a dedicated beach / area to do just this! I promised that I'd give this a chance while we took our day trip to CN.
When we first arrived, we stopped by the pool bar and did two Bob Marley shots to loosen up. Well THAT worked for sure. We walked over to the AN beach, noticed a few couples were there naked, and I stripped down in a matter of seconds. My husband jokes that I was naked before we even arrived, lol!! I made him promise earlier that he'd get all of the drinks...etc....because I'd only be laying there, not getting up and walking around. Well that wasn't an issue either. I was super comfortable in a matter of minutes and after a drink or two I was getting up to get the rest. It didn't hurt that it was the hottest day of the week, so being naked was great! Swimming and floating like that was fantastic as well!! I cannot remember her name, but the woman tending the bar that day was the best employee we had encountered all week! So we are planning our 1 year anniversary and while I'd LOVE to go back to CSA, I know we really want to go to a resort with an AN area. Trying to decide between CSS & CTI....decisions, decisions!!!