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    Was the barmaid Floy? She is a wonderful person, so friendly, and always remembers us!

    Quote Originally Posted by killafee View Post
    We just had our first AN experience this past September during our honeymoon and LOVED IT!! We were staying at CSA for the week, but opted for the day trip to CN. Some background husband would be nekkid 100% of the time, if possible. Especially while out in the sun. I, on the other hand, just became comfortable wearing bikinis two years ago! He had mentioned multiple, multiple, multiple times how badly he wanted to do just do naked sunbathing. We thought we'd be stuck at a resort like Hedo or Desires, which I had NO desire to go imagine our excitement when we discovered that Couples has a dedicated beach / area to do just this! I promised that I'd give this a chance while we took our day trip to CN.
    When we first arrived, we stopped by the pool bar and did two Bob Marley shots to loosen up. Well THAT worked for sure. We walked over to the AN beach, noticed a few couples were there naked, and I stripped down in a matter of seconds. My husband jokes that I was naked before we even arrived, lol!! I made him promise earlier that he'd get all of the drinks...etc....because I'd only be laying there, not getting up and walking around. Well that wasn't an issue either. I was super comfortable in a matter of minutes and after a drink or two I was getting up to get the rest. It didn't hurt that it was the hottest day of the week, so being naked was great! Swimming and floating like that was fantastic as well!! I cannot remember her name, but the woman tending the bar that day was the best employee we had encountered all week! So we are planning our 1 year anniversary and while I'd LOVE to go back to CSA, I know we really want to go to a resort with an AN area. Trying to decide between CSS & CTI....decisions, decisions!!!


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    Thanks everybody for all the wonderful posts. We are going March 25 - April 1, 2013 and this is our first trip to a Couples Resort and our first AN adventure. Your posts really helped relax our apprehensions.

    S & S

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    I read these boards all the time and I see all the stories of the people that are so nervous and self conscious about shedding their clothing and heading to the AN beach, so, I thought I would tell you a little bit about my first time....

    In October 2011 my husband and I went to CN celebrating our 15th anniversary, my 40th birthday and my 5 year cancer free mark. As a breast cancer survivor my body is covered with over 20 inches of scars caused from a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, but for some crazy reason I felt that I HAD to walk naked on the beach on my 40th birthday.

    After a few drinks (Bob Marley's) we headed over to the AN beach, found a chair and off came the suit. After a while of sitting and getting comfortable hubby and I headed out to the water. What an amazing feeling to swim in the warm water naked! I was suprisingly comfortable, so much so that we ended up migrating over to a group of people that were congregating on their floaties.
    No one stared at me or asked any questions unless I brought it up.

    We went back nearly everyday on our vacation and again to CN in Oct 2012. This April we are heading to CSS for a few days to try out SSB and then back home to CN.

    The "naked" experience for me was the most empowering thing I could have ever done. I feel that it was the end of a painful journey and the acceptance of my new body, I feel so much more confident now !

    So if you have doubts, just try never know what it may do for you!

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    I just booked our second trip to CN today - October 9-18, 2013!

    Our first trip was in October 2009 and we both had our first AN experience on that trip! Like many, we were both nervous - my husband was probably a little less nervous than me - I'm a fairly shy person, my husband, however, is not! Unfortunately, it took us a few days to get up the courage and we only were there for 5 - but, we finally did it and we both loved it. It was very freeing, no one judged, no one gawked at us, and the ocean truly is wonderful when your naked. I never would have thought of myself to be the "type" of person to go to a AN beach - what I learned was, there is no "type". We are all individuals with different morals, values, bodies, motivations and personalities - yet we all "fit in" on the AN beach at CN.

    So, in October 2013, I plan to start at the AN beach at CN on day one. The only time I'll be on the textile beach is when my hubby is scuba diving. Whenever possible, my wonderful husband and myself will be relaxing, reading, drinking and swimming in the AN area. If you are their when we are - say Hi! to us. We'll be the very pale, fairly heavily tattooed couple lounging together in the AN area!! Our names are Tim and Shawna!

    For newbies even a tiny bit interested in an AN experience, at least give it a shot. If you don't like it then at least you'll know. If you do - then enjoy it without embarassment!!!

    CN is an amazing place and I can't wait to be back!!

    - Shawna

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandsofca View Post
    Thanks everybody for all the wonderful posts. We are going March 25 - April 1, 2013 and this is our first trip to a Couples Resort and our first AN adventure. Your posts really helped relax our apprehensions.

    S & S
    This is great news as that is the exact reason why I started the thread. Please don't forget to post a review of your own experiences when you get back from your trip. I sincerely hope that you have a positive experience. You are going to love Couples, nekkid or not!

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    My husband and I visited CN and the AN beach recently for the first time. I was definitely apprehensive about trying AN and feeling vulnerable. We went to the AN beach the afternoon of our first full day after lunch and a few drinks. I had gone topless in the water on the clothed side earlier in the day and was working up the courage to move to the AN side. We wanted to try AN at the beginning of our trip so if we did like it we wanted to have time to enjoy it again.

    I am a larger woman but recently have lost 20 pounds so I was feeling ok about trying it out. From reading this thread I was prepared to have similar company as there have been many posts about larger women and everyone tells them to come and not to worry, "nobody cares". Now, please don't get me wrong...I didn't ever feel judged by the other people on the AN beach but I guess I was just expecting there to be some others close to my size. This in itself made me feel like a bit of an outsider on our first jaunt. Most people were in conversations already or were packing up to leave when we arrived so it was kind of a quiet day, hubby and I reading and soaking up the late afternoon sun.

    Since it was later in the afternoon the bar closed soon after we arrived but not before I had to get up and visit the restroom. Hubby was so nice to get up and get our drinks the first day. I didn't mind laying there in all of the sun's glory but walking anywhere, with all my jiggling, made me a little worried. I just got up, walked in a straight line and kept my gaze down. Same thing on the way back to my chair. Whew! First obstacle down.

    I must not have been too traumatized by my first experience because we came back the morning of our second day. This time we chose chairs more in the middle of the beach as to try and catch some of the sea breeze. I situated my chair and float then started to remove my clothing, cover-up first then bathing suit top next. Not sure if I had gotten too much sun the day before, or consumed too many bloody mary's for breakfast, but I swear I heard someone applause when I took off my top. A little encouragement for a big girl? or some other spontaneous outburst? I guess I will never know but I quickly finished undressing and sat down.

    I was feeling a bit more comfortable on our second day. As much as everyone comments about people being really nice and you will meet some great friends (again, not that people were rude in any way), no one approached us and started a conversation. Not that I was really hoping so much for this kind of thing (we didn't start conversations with anyone either but would have been open to it) but everyone kept their distance. I started to get a slight complex. There seemed to be many repeaters enjoying the beach and there were conversations between them and the other groups that we saw the afternoon before. Was it that people could tell we were newbies? lol

    Being that we we were there during the hottest part of the day, I got really hot and wanted to go into the water. Uh oh! Second obstacle coming right up! haha I asked hubby if he wanted to go in and he said he was ready too. Yep, I grabbed my float and wrapped it around my front and walked into the water. Apparently I was more worried about people seeing my front than backside.
    Swimming in the warm clear water AN is AMAZING!!!!!! If you go for AN at all it should be just for the fact of being in the water without clothes! So refreshing! The next time I ventured into the water, and a few drinks later, I didn't take my float. It was hard to drag back and forth and I guess I just didn't care what others thought at this point.

    Regardless of lack of conversation, meeting new people, or feeling outnumbered by body type...I am still really glad that I took the leap and tried AN. I came home feeling better about myself (and tan) and I really look forward to it the next time we visit CN. I will be on the AN beach first thing!!
    CN Feb 2013

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    Hi Brian&lyndy, great review. Thanks! It is great to hear positive things but from what you say about the sizes of people that go to the AN beach at CN then this is certainly not what we have experienced at both times we have been to CSS/SSB. Although I have now lost 28lbs and am down to a reasonable weight I certainly would have considered myself large when I was last at CSS (17 stone). I was nowhere near the largest person there and I was so glad to see many ladies who have overcome their weight issues to relax and enjoy themselves at the AN beach. All shapes and sizes are there, petite to very large and no-one gives a tinkers cuss for what people look like. Fret ye not, it's all irie mon!

    Apropos being friendly, I guess we experienced the same but if one is on the beach it may intimate that you may not want company. By the pool it is a little more party stylie and a casual 'good morning' usually does the trick. Of course, this is more difficult if one is a little shy when butt naked. It's quite natural and the next time (there wont be a next time for textile holidays right?) you are on an AN beach then you will feel differently about it and a casual approach at the bar or in line for lunch could well lead to great friendships. We love meeting people but don't make it a requirement as it is 'our time' to reconnect. We are friendly always but not to the point of forgetting why we are there.

    I am so glad you have been enlightened. Ain't it great?!

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    We will see you guys there. We arrive the 12th.
    We are Steve & Connie

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    Here's out story! We were booked into COR (now CTI) back in March of 2008. As it happened there was an outbreak of stomach flu the week prior to our arrival so they closed the resort (closing was planned for April for major renovations - that's when it became CTI). Since we were already booked they moved us over to GLB - not as nice but a decent swap considering the circumstances. We were also rewarded with a free return stay (we had to pay for airfare only). So, we went to GLB (now a family resort). We really had no intention of going to the AN side so we basically avoided it for the first few days. My wife is VERY self-conscious about her body (but has absolutely no reason to be) so I don't think we even joked or teased about it before we went.

    Two nights before we left we walked over to the AN beach (GLB has two distinct sides to their resort - the AN side was AN 24/7 - and had rooms that were booked specifically for that). We decided to take a walk in the nude - it was dark and we were down by the water - and no one else was around! It was absolutely refreshing and freeing!!!! We decided to go back the next day - our last full day - and spend some time at the pool area. Their pool was very busy - lots of people laying out and a bunch in the water playing volleyball. We went in, grabbed some loungers, got naked and laid down. Both of us were nervous and a little intimidated at first but eventually relaxed. After a while I went and got drinks and calmed down some more. I don't remember how long we stayed there - mostly remember it was very crowded! We decided then that we wanted to try this again when we actually go to a Couples resort (GLB was NOT couples only - there were lots of singles there - male and female - and that was rather distracting. Some of the singles were "model" types and were obviously looking for "dates" - but the experience was so freeing we knew we'd do it again.

    So, we took our free trip in August of 2008 (yes, TWO trips the same year!!!!) We decided to go with CSS this time - CTI may not have opened back up yet - and we are glad we did! We got there late our first day (we book as early ass possible now) so on our first full day we headed straight over to SSB. We went straight out past the pool onto the beach, found a couple of loungers under a palm tree, got undressed and laid down. After a few minutes my wife remembered she'd left something in the room so I was sent to get it. When I returned I went straight to the loungers only to discover that she wasn't there. Honestly I was a little annoyed because I thought she'd left and gone over to the main beach. A few minutes later I heard her calling my name and waving me over. It turns out that she'd actually gone to the restroom, was invited to play trivia and was now in the pool, sitting on one of the bar stools and playing trivia with the small group that was gathered there. I was shocked but delighted!

    I moved our stuff over to the pool area as well, joined the trivia game (which we won) and never looked back. Except for excursions we spent every day, all day at SSB in the pool area hanging out with the friends we made. We spent evenings with those same friends - and are still in touch with them!!

    We went back in November of 2009 and it was the same - every day, all day - at SSB. We're going back this August and the plan is the same - Sunset Beach! Hope to see you there!

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    Wow!! What a vacation! We just returned from our first visit to CSS last week. I studied the message board for months leading up to this trip so I had high expectations about the facility, the atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and guests, the food, the activities, the romance and more. I must say that everything exceeded my high expectations.

    As far as AN is concerned, this was to be our first such experience and we were very apprehensive as others have also said. My wife is about the shyest person I know as far as her body is concerned and making sure she is always well covered up. (Less than a handful of people had ever seen her completely naked and vice versa.) We booked our trip about 5 months in advance (which I talked her into). During the 5 months we would occasionally bring up the AN issue, with joking comments at first, which were met with her "no way" responses. After a while we started to get a little more used to the idea, enough to have her agree to maybe try it by the time the trip arrived. We read a lot of message board comments about trying it early in the week, so we nervously went to SSB on our first full day. As other suggested, we found a spot off to the side (but still near some other people) and went for it. After 2 hours in the sun, we wanted some shade and all of the shady spots at the beach were taken. My wife noticed that there were two remaining chairs at the pool in the shade and much to my surprise she suggested that we move to them (much nearer to other people). Once we got to the pool it became so much more relaxed.

    We laid out for a while and then got into the pool and made our way to the swim up bar where we hung out (no pun intended) for the rest of the day. We met so many friendly guests on that first day and all of them had similar stories about their AN reservations before the trip and how natural and comfortable it turned out to be. On the second day, my wife and I left the property to play golf. To my great surprise, on about the 15th hole, she mentioned to me that she thought we could finish golf in enough time to get back to SSB for a couple of hours at the pool. Needless to say, the rest of the week was fantastic. We did some other things too, but we spent part of every day at the SSB pool and met a lot of friendly people. That was really nice because we were able to meet up with new friends for dinners and the evening entertainment.

    There are so many other great things to talk about, like the couples massages, the exploration of the property, the parties, the restaurants, the sunsets, etc. but I don't want to get more wordy than I already have. My final surprise was after we came home and my wife suggested that we plan to go back again next year. I couldn't agree more.

    Thank you to all of the wonderful people at CSS and especially to my wife for our most romantic and relaxing vacation ever.

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    Just knocking this thread back up so that we continue to get newbie's feedback (or AN feedback generally).

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    We just returned from CN and it was wonderful. The only negatives were from ourselves in we should of packed more variety of footwear, our water shoes blistered us up after a day. Since the resort is small it wasn't a big deal.
    The resort and it's personnell were fabulous. I really wish I could remember the entertainment staff's names since they all made a very good expression. We were there 7/15-7/23 and was struck by their friendliness during their visits and professionalism when running the entertainment. The entertainers were all talented and we loved the local flavor.
    The food and culinary staff was awesome. The buffet food was some of the best we ever had while everything else was incredible. The bar staff was amazing in their ability to fulfill orders and remember your personal favorites.
    Our housekeeper was an expert at slipping in when we were gone and quickly servicing our room. The janitorial and grounds folk keep the place looking like the lush garden it is.
    We did get bit up by the insects despite using bug spray but we never saw or felt them and the bites never itched until we returned home to Nevada, then we both had a few bad days of needing to scratch. We did enjoy the rest of the critters from the singing birds and frogs to the shy crabs.
    Thank you for all your help and suggestions here. I can't recommend CN enough and my wife and I all look forward to our return.

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    we were there in june.we had been to a c/o beach before where she went topless.she had said at home she wasn't goin a/ I didn't say anything about goin to ssb..we went over there a couple evenings and done the sunset pics.on thurs as we were goin to main beach she asked if I really wanted to go over to ssb..I said I did and as we were walkin toward there we were sidetracked by some people we had met earlier in week and went back to main beach with them..fri morn at breakfast she said if I wanted to go it was my last chance as we were leaving early the next morn..we went straight there after eating we found a spot in the middle close to pool,as I was spreading out the towels and getting her stuff out of bag I looked up and she was already a/n.she laid down and read most of the day except for a couple trips to the water to take a dip..i done the drink runs and learned to play bocce ball..everyone was so friendly and nice..we hated we didn't go earlier in week..but we will be back june 2014 spending most our time on ssb

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    Just wanted to bump his thread up again. Any feedback from newbies to the AN thing would be greatly appreciated by others who may be a bit nervous to try. Thanks.

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    Bump. Still looking for first time experiences!

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    We had a 80 min. Couples massage on Sunset Beach the first morning of our stay. Kenneth gave my wife her massage and Simone was my therapist. Both of us were very pleased with their skills. Simone found a knot in my back and did a great job working it out.

    This was our first visit to an au natural beach and I must say the massage in the pavillion on the beach was the best way to introduce us to the nude area. We had many massages in the states previously, but this was also the first time that we had a massage undraped. Kenneth and Simone were so friendly and professional. My wife and I were immediately at ease and were very comfortable with the whole experience. We would definitely request Kenneth and Simone and also have a massage on SSB again when the opportunity arises.

    We had initially selected two chairs in the far corner of the beach and agreed that we would immediately leave after the massage if either of us was uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised when my wife suggested we move up by the pool after the massage and we enjoyed our day so much we didn't leave until dinner.

    We ultimately spent every day at this pool and ate every lunch there as well. It's true, you meet the friendliest people at a nude beach. Young, old, thin, heavy, healthy, wealthy, poor or ailing/recovering from illnesses or surgeries, all are welcome, and all are treated the same.

    Returning guests welcomed us "newbies" into their group, included us in their card games and volleyball games and it was always nice to see their familiar faces throughout the resort all week. We hope our paths will cross again.

    We selected CSS partially because of their nude beach set up. We determined that if we were going to take a trip to an adults only resort and try a nude beach, we didnt think we would be comfortable sharing a beach with others that were not nude or accessible/viewable by kids that may be visiting other resorts e.g. negril and we didn't want to risk taking a trip somewhere but being unable to try it due to a red flag day, e.g. Tower Isle.

    We visited and used the hot tub at SSB a couple nights. We approached the guard and received permission each time. There is very little light pollution at SSB at night and the stars that were visible were amazing. If you live in a city or suburban area, I encourage you to visit SSB at night with or without your clothes just so you can see the stars.

    We attempted to sit at the main beach one day. I must say that there were a lot of beautiful people at this beach that were in much better shape than this late forties guy. After walking the beach, and exhaling, I was very relieved when my wife suggested we go back to ssb because I was actually more uncomfortable and self aware on the main beach than at the nude beach. After this one attempt, we never tried to spend time on the main beach for the remainder of our stay.

    We traded places with Tower Isle on our last day and took a boat ride to the island. Although the views from the island were nice, and the island was unique, we felt rather confined and opted to cut our visit short and took a cab back to CSS. Coming back to SSB that afternoon for lunch and being greeted by the great staff was a wonderful feeling and we closed out our final day in the SSB pool.

    This initial trip and experience was fantastic and so freeing. Both of us would not hesitate to visit CSS or SSB again and we will definitely incorporate an au naturel beach/pool option in our future trips.

    Thanks to all the members of this message board for sharing your stories. They definitely helped prepare us for the adventure of our lifetime.

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    My husband and I had our first AN experience at CN in December. We discovered the resort through Trip Advisor and chose it because it met our specs for size of resort etc. and then realized it had an AN beach. My husband had experienced AN sunbathing in Europe many years ago and always wanted to do it again. I was reticent but not opposed. However, as the date for departure came closer I had pretty much talked myself out of it. My very supportive husband just left me to muddle through my fears with no pressure. We spent the first day on the clothing side and floated over to the AN beach and I was surprised at how uncrowded it was. I decided I would try it the next day and if I didn't like it my husband assured me we could leave.

    I was pretty glued to my chair the first day and my husband did the trips back and forth to the bar. The floaty was a welcome cover for trips to the water and back. It was a relief to see that everyone was acting the same way as if they had bathing suits. I was never made uncomfortable by anyone looking at me inappropriately. It felt like some of the folks recognized and sensed my nervousness and were very respectful. I began to relax and of course my husband was really enjoying the experience and had no trouble with talking to other nude people. He assured me that there was more eye contact then on the clothing side! We stayed the whole day and I had to admit it was a much more comfortable way to sunbathe.

    The next day my husband went snorkelling and I sat on the clothing side in my bathing suit and realized I really was not comfortable at all. As soon as he got back we went to the AN side and went everyday for the rest of the week. I grew increasingly more comfortable and by the second day was going back and forth to the bar and soon even began shedding the floaty as soon as I got in the water! I envy the people that go in and out of the water without using it to cover up. Maybe one day....

    We are now hooked and planning a return trip this year. We are not sure how we are going to handle our upcoming trip to a sun destination which does not involve AN sunbathing at all.

    For other curious folks, the AN people are the friendliest people we have ever come across at resorts. We met many repeat vacationers and we are really looking forward to seeing them again. You really did forget eventually that you are unclothed and it is quite liberating to know that. Everyone was most respectful. Swimming and floating in the water is so much better without the bathing suit. The gawkers became a source of entertainment and my husband and I had a lot of laughs at the lengths some people would go to to get a look. My favourite was the fellow who snorkelled along the rope line on the clothing side. The gawkers are actually the embarrassed ones when they realize they had been caught!

    It was a great first experience for us as a couple.

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    I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you who have shared your stories! We are going to try AN for out first time on our day visit to CN from CSA. These reviews from first timers have done so much to make me feel less anxious and more excited for this experience. I will be sure to share our story too when we return from our trip!

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    This all sounds so fun, but I'm not sure sharing the view of my naked body is a good plan. At 53 and with a body like Melissa McCarthy (who I love and think is gorgeous regardless of size, don't get me wrong) it's just not a pretty sight and not fair to inflict on others. LOL I cover up walking in front of my fiance, I can't imagine letting it all hang out in public.

    But maybe in 9 months I'll change my mind. Who knows! ::::hope so:::::
    Julie & Michael
    Honeymooning at CSS 11/2/14

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    Quote Originally Posted by JulieR322 View Post
    This all sounds so fun, but I'm not sure sharing the view of my naked body is a good plan. At 53 and with a body like Melissa McCarthy (who I love and think is gorgeous regardless of size, don't get me wrong) it's just not a pretty sight and not fair to inflict on others. LOL I cover up walking in front of my fiance, I can't imagine letting it all hang out in public.

    But maybe in 9 months I'll change my mind. Who knows! ::::hope so:::::
    You've missed the point entirely! On the AN beach you will feel more welcome naked than you will clothed on the other beaches! No one pays attention to your size but they will on the textile beach! Forget how you look to yourself and experience the freedom of NO JUDGEMENT!! You won't regret it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JulieR322 View Post
    This all sounds so fun, but I'm not sure sharing the view of my naked body is a good plan. At 53 and with a body like Melissa McCarthy (who I love and think is gorgeous regardless of size, don't get me wrong) it's just not a pretty sight and not fair to inflict on others. LOL I cover up walking in front of my fiance, I can't imagine letting it all hang out in public.

    But maybe in 9 months I'll change my mind. Who knows! ::::hope so:::::
    There were all sizes and shapes of bodies and they were all beautiful. In various conversations with others at the AN beach , the sentiment seemed to be shared. No one was bothered by a larger sized body at all. It was said more than once by different people that once the clothing was removed it put everyone on a more equal level. You won't be judged. It is difficult to explain, but the size and shape of your body is not a reason not to do it, because that is not what is about. At least not for me.

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    There is no need to feel 'uncomfortable' on an A/N beach as the people there are more likely to know and remember the colour of your eyes and the warmth of your personality rather than the shape and size (or in some cases the lack of it) of your body. Whereas on a clothed beach its easy to prejudge someone by the type of swim wear they have on. I first did A/N in my early 20s and now am in my mid 50s and so have experienced being both young looking with a 'thin(ish)' body and also being a lot larger and older on the AN beaches and besides the 30 years between my first and last visits I can't say I find my experiences basically any different now than all those years ago with the exception that the people on the beach/pool with me and my wife are generally a lot older than those who did it in the 80s which I think suggests in years to come when us oldies have moved 'upstairs' then A/N beaches may start to die out as there seems a lot less of the younger generation going for an all over tan these days.

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    It's unfortunate that our society puts so much emphasis on a certain body type. There is no universal perfect body shape or size.

    Our visit to SSB a/n was the most liberating and best thing we have done to overcome the negative physiological impact of the images and articles that have bombarded us our whole lives.

    Our first time A/N at SSB over NYE 2014 was after 22 years of marriage. Both of us left stating that we wished we would have done it years ago.

    Our outlook on life, people and body image has changed so much.

    Don't wait or put rules around trying it if you lose a certain amount of wait.

    You will be accepted as you are for who you are!

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    Thanks. Honestly it's more a "me thing". I'm not comfortable with my body at it's current weight (I am, however, Shedding for the Wedding, and have lost 10 lbs. Yay me!) so I'm not worried about what others think really. It's just me fighting my life long self esteem issues and saying F it, I'm going for it!

    And I fully intend on doing so. I told my fiance this weekend that we're going to the AN beach and he was on board!

    Quote Originally Posted by Donbetty View Post
    There were all sizes and shapes of bodies and they were all beautiful. In various conversations with others at the AN beach , the sentiment seemed to be shared. No one was bothered by a larger sized body at all. It was said more than once by different people that once the clothing was removed it put everyone on a more equal level. You won't be judged. It is difficult to explain, but the size and shape of your body is not a reason not to do it, because that is not what is about. At least not for me.
    Julie & Michael
    Honeymooning at CSS 11/2/14

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    What a great response, thank you! The funny thing about me, is that I will have no issues with anyone else there, no judgement about anyone's body, but I judge myself brutally. So the more I thought about this, the more I have decided I am GOING FOR IT. I'm getting out of my comfort zone in a huge way. I'm starting a new life with this new marriage...might as well dive right in to other new things as well right?!?!?!
    Julie & Michael
    Honeymooning at CSS 11/2/14

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