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    Quote Originally Posted by xtabi89 View Post
    Thanks for the reply Jason. I booked the vacation to CSS in June after discussing options with my girlfriend. I explained to her that one of the main reasons I liked CSS was because we'd have the AN option. She definitely didn't endorse the idea but said she'd think about it. Whenever the subject came up in the months prior to arriving she would kind of laugh and say she didn't think she would be up to it, but that she'd think about it. I asked her to just give it 30 minutes (after an adequate number of tequila shots) to see if we'd get comfortable. She never really agreed but hinted that it was possible. So I knew there was at best a 50/50 chance. Once we arrived she made it very clear that she was NOT going and in fact was tired of hearing about it. (Keep in mind that we are dating, not married and that I paid for the entire trip.) To answer your question, no I didn't let it affect our vacation and we had a fantastic time. I told her I understood and respected her view, but was a bit disappointed. After that we just moved on and enjoyed our vacation. But I was very much looking forward to's just something I really enjoy. And I knew not to go to SSB alone in respect of other couples, and because I didn't want to leave her alone. Consequently my week in Jamaica ensued without any naked sunbathing and left me a little bummed. I've been divorced three years and this is the first serious relationship I've been in. I think I over analyze all the little dynamics of our relationship...wondering if she is the "right" one...stuff like that. So are couples who AN together more likely to have a successful
    It sounds from your description like she led you on a bit and never had any intention of going AN. There are some people who have zero interest in AN and you will never change their mind. The naturist message boards are loaded with posts from guys who have spouses who aren't interested in AN and it is very disappointing to them.

    I think the question you need to ask yourself is how important the AN experience is to you. If being married/in a relationship to somebody who has no interest in AN is something you can live with...fine. If it is going to be a stress point for you, then move on, things won't get better and you will be disappointed. I speak from experience, I realized that somebody who was uncomfortable with AN would not work with me and when I met women their attitude toward nude/clothing optional beaches was a potential deal-breaker for me. I eventually met someone who is cool with AN and I am very grateful for that.

    So no, I do not think you are being a complete male schmuck, I think you need to decide how important this is to you and act accordingly.
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    Hello Suzy I too am sorry I didn't get to meet you. But there's always next year! I hope you guys had a great vacation. Happy New Year!

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    Thanks for the advice and feedback Jason. That's my plan...

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    Hi xtabi89,
    My husband and I met late in life, and I must admit I had never gone AN until I met him. Heck, I had never slept in my own bed naked before I met him. Well, after we got together, and he told me how beautiful he thought my body was and that there was no need to hide it, I decided to give it a try. I started first at home being comfortable, and then we tried a clothing optional resort in Key West. I survived that vacation, and had a great time. By the time we got to SSB, I was happily an AN convert. I agree with the previous poster, you will need to decide for YOU if having a woman in your life to share your interest in AN is a deal breaker.

    Whatever you decide, I hope that you are happy!!!

    One Love!

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    We are one of those couples who had all of the worries and afterwards, 0 regrets. We were at SS from 6/13-6/20/11 for our honeymoon, and we decided that based on our reading, we would have to give Sunset a try. We did our first day on the regular beach, and as others have acknowledged, we too wondered if the other beach might be less crowded - not that we felt particularly crowded on the regular beaches, just wondered if it might be somewhat quieter and less activity. We created a plan of getting to Sunset Beach early the next day (like 9 or 9:30ish) in order to potentially beat the "crowd" that would be there and allow ourselves to adjust to being buck-naked outside without worrying about too many other people. We also maintained a running rule that if one of us felt uncomfortable, we would leave. The second morning, we lotioned up (in-room) and headed over. We were right in our assumption, that by getting there early, we were able to get chairs on the out perimeter and sort of create the sense of a private space for ourselves. We only remained about half the day, but our appetite was wet. The next day, we returned and spent most of the day there - experiencing the pool and the bar as well (because face it, in June, it is hot and drinks were needed). That evening, we returned in the dark and enjoyed the hot-tub for ourselves. Gradually, daily, we became more social with the other bathers (we were one of the youngest couples there (24/25), but everyone treated us respectfully and seemed impressed that we were mature enough to make the effort and socialize. Probably by day 4, we were no longer going to the regular beach except for meals. It was an invigorating experience, and we are encouraging many of our friends to make sure they at least try it, and try it early on, if they ever have the opportunity, because if you do like it, you would have hated to miss doing it for the whole trip We will definitely be back!

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    Loved your letter on AN at CTI. We felt the same way during our first AN experience. It wasn't at CTI but a local place. Last year, we stayed on the island 5 of the 9 days that we were there.
    We are arriving on the 27th (3 more days to go yahoo), we'll be there till the 6th of March. 10 days in paradise :>)
    When is your trip scheduled for???
    Hope you see you there, Jen & Scott

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    Just kickin' this back into the field of view. I think it has already been incredibly helpful to so many and perhaps needs a little more feedback is required in order to survive the 'drop-off-page-one'

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    Bumping again! Just to remind folk that this thread can be useful for others so please pass on your feedback after your first time at a Couples AN beach. It reminds us AN'ers of our own first experiences and helps those who are vascillating between 'I will go to AN beach' and 'No, I can't go as I'm too scared to bare all'

    Thank you for any further posts.

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    Our first AN experience was at SSB last October on our honeymoon. Like many first timers, we ventured over after a few days of being there, and a few drinks, found a spot on the beach, quickly put our birthday suits on, and laid on our lounge chairs. I think I sat down so fast, my butt made a slapping sound on the Of course thirst, and a need to use the bathroom, caused us to venture over to the pool area, and did cause some stress, but that stress was very quickly washed away by the friendliness of the other guests. What everyone has said here is true. The AN experience is very liberating, non sexual, and more comfortable than you can imagine. We actually prefered SSB over the main beach for the rest of our trip.
    To those who are going, you have to try it. You will never have any regrets.

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    I’ve enjoyed reading some of the posts and wanted to contribute to this one since there seems to be a call for doing so. I see both newbies who are looking for pre-trip advice as well experienced AN folks comparing notes are reading.
    A little Jamaica background: We had been to GLB twice—February 2007 and February 2008. We had a really great time the first year, but inadvertently went the same time as “alternatives week,” which turned out to mean swingers. Not our thing, but a very discreet group—and clearly friendly. Ironically, I think a few of them were uncomfortable around us since I think they didn’t want to offend any of the non-swingers. We weren’t offended or uncomfortable, but we did make a point of not going on that week the following year.
    After four years off, we were reluctant to try some place new, but CSS turned out to be wonderful (February 2012). The grounds are beautiful, but I probably wouldn’t go if it wasn’t for the AN beach. Now that I’ve read some of this board I see we fit in to a few different AN categories. Hope they are helpful and/orinteresting:
    -- I love AN more than my wife, but she still likes doing this as a couple. It’s an adventurous, but also a sweet and romantic thing to do together. So, if you’re shy about going you won’t regret the experience if you think in terms of a safe marriage adventure. How many of your long-time married friends do you know that would do this? It says something cool about you as a couple.
    -- We’re both smooth and prefer the look and feel of it so much we did it permanently—forget shaving and waxing. I don’t know about the gym, but it’s not an issue here.
    -- We spend most of our time together, but sometimes I hit the pool or ocean without my wife. I’m always mindful that if she isn’t right next to me it can make some people uncomfortable, which I hope I never did. The “establish yourself as a couple” rule helps a lot.
    -- No issues with that time of the month because of birth control pills that skip periods. My wife highly recommends it. (I had to Google Diva Cup. Now I know.)
    -- Sunscreen, shade and moderation. All great advice I should have taken more religiously, but hey, it’s vacation.
    -- Do people look? Clearly, but nude is a lot more forgiving than bathing suits. And this really is the right crowd. But most importantly-- your spouse will love it.

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    Here is a full review of CN that I wrote for the travel industry in our city. We are off to CTI on April 28th for our second round of Couples hospitality.

    Review of Couples Negril, Westmorland, Jamaica

    Time at the resort: 22 January 2011 to 29 January 2011


    On arrival in the Montigo Bay airport we were greeted at the Couples’ lounge by friendly staff. We were offered a cold beer and they very capably took us into their care. We were checked off their booking list and settled into wait for the shuttle bus to the resort.

    We only had to wait about 45 minutes (two beer) and then were escorted out to the waiting shuttle. The airport red caps took care of our luggage and loaded it into the minibus. Please remember that a small gratuity is expected for all non- Couples staff in Jamaica.

    Couples Negril is situated on Bloody Bay and it is a 90 minute ride from the airport. The other option is to fly directly from Montigo Bay to Negril. The cost for the Island hopper is $75 USD per person and next time is the way we will go. The Negril airport is right across the street from the Resort but the noise at the resort was minimal during our stay and would not be a factor in future bookings.

    When we arrived at Couples’ Negril (CN), we were greeted by smiling staff and what we would soon recognize as the official greeting of “Welcome Home,” a cool facecloth for our faces and hands as well as a chilled glass of sparkling wine. On we found out very quickly that at Couples’ the staff comes to you and not the other way around. We were seated while the staff checked us in and gave us our keys and quickly and efficiently we were escorted to our room.


    On the resort there are two types of view. Beach and Garden. Predominantly the Garden view rooms and suites are located on the north part of the resort and are close to the water sports facility and the beach views are located on the Southern portion close to the Au Natural (AN) beach.

    Both the suites and rooms are beautifully appointed with a King sized bed as well as a mini fridge. The big difference between the two are that the suites have a palatial bathroom with two sinks, a rain head shower as well as a Jacuzzi tub. The rooms are pretty standard hotel fair with full tub/ shower. All rooms are easy walking distance to all facilities.

    Honestly, we spent so little time in our room except to sleep that I would recommend getting a room and using the extra savings on staying an extra day at this resort!


    There are Five areas to eat at the resort, the food is plentiful, tasty and available 23.5 hrs a day.

    The Cassava Terrace- is the main restaurant that alternates between buffet style service and A La Carte at night. Lunch and Breakfast are offered as a buffet style only.

    The beach grill (Heliconia) - This is for those who want that beach front experience. The grill is open until 5:30 AM so there is little chance that you can go hungry at Couples. For supper, the Heliconia opens for table service right at beach side.

    Lychee Restaurant is open for supper only and offers a great menu of Asian fusion type ala carte service. This was by far our preferred dining experience.

    Otahite Restaurant- This is the only restaurant that has a more strict dress code and requires you to make a reservation at least two days in advance. All in all this was the only disappointment as far as dining experiences go. We felt rushed and the food was not up to par with the way it was billed. We certainly would not re-book this one.


    The primary bar is connected to the Beach grill it stays open for most of the day.

    Swim up bar: This facility is where you go to see and be scene by the other vacationers. There is a wet and dry side to this bar and is a very social experience not to be missed.

    The Circular bar: This bar is located at the Cassava open air Restaurant and is open for Mimosa’s with breakfast and then late into the evening.

    AN Bar: As stated this is in the AN area and does not provide “Red Flag” service or at least I never saw anyone using it. It opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM.

    Water sports:

    The all inclusive nature of CN goes on into the area of water sports and recreation, most activities are free with some small exceptions.

    Catamaran Cruise:
    Free and fantastic (highly recommended)

    Glass Bottom boat cruise:
    Those that I spoke to had a great time and saw lots of sea life.

    If you already have your “C” ticket (PADI, ACUC, CMAS are all accepted) then you can go for two dives a day plus a fee for a night dive.

    If you have not dived in 18 months, you must do a 2 hour refresher in the pool for $50 USD charged to your room.

    All standard gear including Regulator, Air, BC, Fins, Mask are included free of charge but there is a charge of $10 a day for a wet suit or $30 for the week. If you are going below 10 Meters it is recommended that you get one.

    Intro Dive package including a first dive is free for those who are not qualified.

    If you do the Intro package then all successive dives must be guided and will cost $50 a dive (limit to one dive a day).

    You can sign out all the gear you wish for snorkeling around the resort and/ or do a night dive for a small fee.

    You can also sign out Sunfish Sail boats, small Hobicats, waterskiing. I think there is a fee attached to the last one but am unsure as we did not do this activity.


    The beach is fantastic! There are plenty of lounge chairs along the property and they provide “flag service” for beverages. All you have to do is put your flag up and one of the staff will come to you and refresh your drink of choice.

    AN Beach.

    The Au Natural beach is just that. If you are going to enjoy the sun in this area you are nude. There are no bottoms or tops permitted by the resort in this area and this rule is strictly enforced by the staff. There is a bar that is open from 10 AM to 5 PM. The bartender takes a half hour for lunch between 1 and 1:30 PM but all the beverages and mix are left out for patrons to self serve.
    There is plenty of shade as well as two hammocks built for two on the AN area for those who wish to remain on the beach but are feeling the direct Jamaican sun. Every one we met on this beach was friendly with discreetness and privacy if you wanted it or as social as you wanted as well. By the end of our week on the AN beach we knew most people by name and had a gang of about 4 couples that would put our chairs in a group and spend the day chatting, drinking and basking in the beautiful sunshine.

    The area up to the high tide mark is public access. There are few gawkers that walk along the beach and look up into the AN area but they are harmless. They will avert their eyes if you just wave at them.

    For the most part, people simply stand up and walk into the water with out putting anything on. For some it is as simple as putting the cushion from your beach chair over your shoulder for the short stroll into the water. And for a scant few they do put on their bottoms to go swimming although the reason for this simply eludes me.

    Pools and Hot tubs:

    There are three regular hot tubs. Two attached to the main pool and one by the Water Sports area. As well there is an AN hot tub. All three are open 24 hrs a day.
    Please, please, Please only bring plastic close to the hot tubs as they will be closed for days if there is any glass breakage. We brought plastic wine glasses with us to ensure the continued safety and enjoyment of the facility.

    There are two pools at CN. The main pool right in front of the main building with an infinity ledge that spills down to the swim up bar. The swims up bar is open from 10 AM to 7 PM and believe me that is plenty of time if that is where you are planning to spend your day. The second pool is by the Water Sports buildings and is used for Dive classes during the day but is open at night for the general population.

    Off Resort excursions:

    There are plenty of off site stuff to do like going for shopping in Down Town Negril as well as trips to Margaritaville and Ricks Café. Most of these trips cost between $15 - $20 USD. There are also half day trips to go zip lining in the Jungle canopy and rafting.
    The beauty of this site is that you can do as much or as little as you wish. Our choice was to do one activity a day and leave the rest of the day for relaxation.

    In closing I highly recommend the Couples line of Resorts for an all exclusive vacation in a very romantic setting. Please remember that children under the age of 18 are not permitted on the property at any time.

    The only down side was that I would have liked to see a formal occasion so that if you wanted to get all dolled up in formal attire (black Tie) for a night of cocktails and dancing with your partner there was a venue for it.

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    My wife and I just returned from our first stay at Couples (CTI) and our first AN experience

    Since this was a 'surprise' trip for my wife's birthday (See the "need some help from the ladies" thread) she didn't know anything about the resort or the 'island' beforehand - so unlike most newbies who have weeks to talk and discuss the prospect of going over, it wasn't until we were already on the plane that we even had a chance to discuss it! We were both a little reluctant at first but came to the agreement that we would at least give it a shot and see if we liked it... I was a little surprised by the wife's "just go with it" attitude - but we both kinda figured, we're in another country, we're not going to run into anyone we know - might as well give it a shot!

    So based on the overwhelming advice to try it on the first day we did... and needless to say, we didn't need a bathing suit for the rest of the trip!

    Our first day there we woke up, got dressed and headed out - we had some breakfast and then waited for the pool bar to open so we could grab a drink before heading over... we were both a little nervous walking out to the dock - we were wondering what the other guests who were watching us walk out on the dock were thinking, we were also wondering about what we would see once we got over there, what the people would be like, what the atmosphere would be like, having never done anything like this before we really didn't know what to expect... I had read these boards the weeks leading up to the trip so I had some idea of what it would be like but since this was a complete surprise to the wife she had NO idea...

    We started out our first day on the island by heading directly over to the right side of the island and were both pretty nervous as we dis-robed and got comfortable on our lounge chairs... The first 20-30 min on the island was definately 'different' - having never done anything like this before it can definately be a little overwhelming - we're no Ken and Barbie - Well let me rephrase that... my wife is pretty darn close to barbie (measurement wise) she's just a little shorter with darker hair lol... me, well Im a lot closer to your "average" 30 something... - I'm in decent shape (i think) but I know I'm carrying around an extra 20-25 pounds

    I know everyone on the boards says no one there cares what you look like but if you've never been there before you really don't know what to expect... however it really is true... NO ONE CARES what you look like... There were all shapes and sizes there....

    So after the initial nervousness of being naked died down we soon came to the nerve racking realization that one of us would have to get up naked to get drinks! I was somewhat comfortable by then but I knew my wife was still a little nervous so I kinda persuaded her to get up and get the drinks - I knew if I got up to get the drinks she would've stayed on her lounge chair and that we probably would've fallen into the same routine for the rest of the trip... (go over to the right, get on the lounge chairs, have me get the drinks)

    So I persuaded her to get up and get the drinks... (pretty easy to do considering I planned and surprised her with the whole trip and I even packed for her lol) My thought process for this was that I was hoping once she got up and walked around a little bit she would start to get more comfortable with the whole AN thing and relax.... and boy was I was right (thank god!)... Once she got up, got drinks, and walked around a little she definately started to relax and I could see that she was starting to enjoy the feeling of being free of textiles... My wife's a "sun goddess" she could lay out for hours... and I know the thought of no tan lines was the real motivation! lol....

    By the end of that first day we were in the pool making new friends! Needless to say we spent the rest of our time on the island in the pool socializing, and making the occasional dip into the ocean. We spent the majority of our stay at CTI on the island - in fact we never even sat on the textile beach and only went to the textile pool once and that was to grab a drink from the bar on our way out to the island! We spent 90% of our time out on the island and really only left to go to Dunn's River, Horseback Riding, and of course dinner.... and by the third day we were complaining that the island closed too early lol! ;p

    We saw everyone from early 20's all the way up to 60/70+ and all shapes and sizes... no one is there to judge, no one is there to gawk and look, no one really cares what you look like, no one cares if you have a few extra pounds... it's not about that, its not about your weight or your body type... everyone is just there to enjoy the AN experience with their loved one....

    We found that it was extremely relaxing to be AN on the beach and found that nobody is there to judge what you look like - in fact we felt that everyone there were MORE friendly and less judgemental than the people on the textile beach, the conversation on the island is more respectful possibly due to the fact that there's more eye-contact on the island than there is on the textile side

    No worries about people not adhering to the rules either... the staff there is wonderful - on the boat ride over the staff will usually ask if it's the first time to the island and will explain the rules, however there was an instance or two where the couples might not have know the rules or they weren't informed on the ride over and the staff on the island was quick to inform them!

    My take is this:
    Whether we all would like to admit it or not when we're clothed our first impression of someone is usually how they're dressed/what they look like... it's just human nature... So we immediately (albeit subconsciously) form an opinion of someone based on what they're wearing and then it's up to their personality to either confirm or deny our initial impression...

    However on the island, when you're free of textiles - you're personality is all you have! and we found that without the restrictions of clothes it really enables everyone to truely get to know the person, and not the perception - and like I said before the people there are just more friendly and outgoing than the people on the textile side...

    We made a lot of great new friends on the island and without these boards I don't know if we wouldve done it... I think had I not read these boards, we might not have tried the island until later in the week and then we would've been kicking ourselves for not going earlier!!

    We just got back Saturday (9th) and we're already looking into a return trip!!
    We cannot wait to go back 'home' to the island... the saying is 100% true...

    "Once you go, you know"

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    My husband and I are going to be at CSS over Halloween. It will be our first time at an AN beach and we can hardly wait. We went to Mexico last year and had a good time. It was very liberating for me to go topless. I am sure that will be nothing compared to AN. We plan on just going for it instaed of easing into it. You only live once. Come on October !!!!!!

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    I am so exited/happy etc to be able to post here. We just returned from the most amazing five nights in paradise AKA as CSS. We have been planning this trip for a very long time, and it was our 10th Anniversary on Friday.

    One of the things that appealed to my curiosity was the availability of an AN section. The fact that EVERYONE HAD to be unclothed, made it much more easy to handle than if it was clothing optional. I read just about every post on this board, and am thankful for all the reviews, advice etc. They made it feel like I was going somewhere I had been before. (sorry I was just a lurker before!)

    I think my husband was more excited about the AN part than me, I was more 'reluctant', but definitly wanted to try it.

    We were staying in the A block of rooms, so SSB was right down the path, and SO conveniant! On the first morning we put on our suits and headed over. It was early (as we were up VERY EARLY!) but we thought that might be an advantage.(I did have a beer (or two!) from the mini bar to get some liquid courage) We got there around 8ish, and there was just one couple we could see up at the pool, and no one on the beach. We got in, put our stuff down at two loungers on the right side, and took it all off! We sat and read for awhile, kind of looking around to get our bearings. I was a bit worried we were on the right beach since no one was around! But eventually another couple came and sat further down the beach and took their clothes off and I felt better!!

    We swam in the ocean with our floats (you do need water shoes!, its rocky!) It was such a freeing experience!! After we got out I had to pee, and so we decided to take our stuff up to the pool (more people had arrived) and sit up there. Everyone was super nice, and we right away met some nice people! We only stayed till 10, because we were going on an excursion, but it was a great experience from the start!

    The second day we got there early again and started at the pool this time. We had a great time meeting other people (even others from WI!) having drinks, and floating in the pool. We did go back to have lunch and a nap around 1, because my husband didnt like the idea of eating naked. (I dont know that I did either!)

    We came back each day, at different times, and had a great time. I think that SSB, especially the pool, was the most social place at CSS!!!! Everyone was so friendly, and so nice. I can not say how AMAZINGLY freeing it is to be somwhere, and be so free, and not judged! Im almost (ALMOST) embarrassed by how much I liked it! It is such a great experience to have with your spouse, and I think really shows how much you trust and adore each other

    As far as bodies/ages. We are young (32), and were close to the youngest there. Did not see many (if any) honeymooners. My husband and I think that you have to be very confident in your relationship, and we probably would not have had that 10 years ago on our honeymoon, but now, after everything we have been through together this just made us closer! I would say most were early 40's/50's, late 30's. No perfect bodies, some nice looking ones, but just like in the real world, everyone is different. I never felt judged on how I looked, and Im someone who usually lacks self confidence! There was a large variety of grooming, however I would say most women were bare.

    We loved it so much, we even went early on our last day so we could have an hour before we had to get on our shuttle to the airport. Im SO thankful we did it, and so can't wait to go back. After having sat in my office for the last three days working, I miss it so much!!!!

    My biggest piece of advice, which I got here, is do it right away, because you will love it! I know this sounds weird but I feel like it changed my life some. Like if I can do that, I can do anything, and I have the confidence to take on the world! Thank you hubby for being my partner in gaining this new found experience

    Can't wait to go back!!!! 2013? I HOPE SO!!!

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    That was such an awesome review RooRoo! It is so very true! This is why we keep going back every year.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

    Admin - Couples Resorts Photos - flickr group
    Admin - facebook/CouplesResortsJamaica

    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
    CN: 2013

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    Our first AN experience was at CTI, and totally unexpected. We were there for our honeymoon and I had no intentions of trying the island...then USAir left our luggage at home. It took over 24 hours to get it and I hadn't packed a bathing suit. I could have paid a fortune for a new one in the gift shop, but I had 5 in my suitcase! I decided the island was the way to go because I wasn't missing an entire day of sun. Off we went. No worries, no problems and we met a couple at the pool we'd come on the shuttle with - we still email and exchange Christmas cards with them 10 years later!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    Thanks for the report rooroo. It is an amazing feeling when one disrobes for the first time in a public place and particularly nice when we realize that we are not being judged by others. AN at Couples really is a life changing experience. Realising that we can be comfortable in our own skins when we are naked outdoors yet often feel judged when fully clothed, going about our business, is also interesting. I am so glad that your life has been changed by the experience. It makes this particular thread worth its weight in gold!

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    rooroo, I couldn't agree more with your assessment. We were there just over a week ago too. I did a lot of research and narrowed it down to Couples, then started researching the message boards before deciding on CSS. This was our first AN experience. My wife was somewhat reluctant but agreed to go for an hour on the second day we were there. We got a couple of loungers off to the right and I was the designated drink attendant. She got over the initial shock of, "Hey there are naked people over there!" when I reminded her that we were naked too. We kept to our loungers, relaxed, read our Kindles and tried to lessen our tan lines. We then took a couple days off to do Dunn's River and checked out Couples Tower (no trip to the Isle). Apparently she wasn't horrified by the experience. We went two more days for a couple hours each time. The second trip to SSB she was brave enough to dip in the pool while everyone was distracted with Trivia. And then on our third and final trip, she even got in the pool with me while everyone was just milling about and not engaged in any organized activity. She still felt very shy and didn't want to interact with anyone. But she seemed to feel more comfortable with each visit. I have made it clear to her that I think she is beautiful and has absolutely nothing to be modest about. I have always battled negative self image issues and found this trip to be somewhat liberating. I just put it all out there as a declaration of this is me and I'm not ashamed of it.
    Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with our trip to Couples Sans Souci. The resort was so large and not crowded. We often found ourselves asking where everybody was. The facilities and resort were absolutely beautiful. We have done way too many cruises with the kids. I'm afraid this trip to CSS is going to taint our view of future cruises. At CSS, there was no lining up to go to a meal. No searching for a place to sit or lay out. No waiting for a drink. I can honestly say that we can't wait to get back. We are thinking about making this our new anniversary tradition.

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    AWESOME! We met the absolute coolest people and staff. I'll let my wife fill in the details.

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    Hi Guys, I just wanted to kick this thread up a notch so that newbies can check out the helpful stuff herein and post their experiences again. Don't want it to be lost amongst the other interesting stuff. Let us know how you got on with your first AN experience!

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    A copy of my review posted on TA for our second trip to Sans Souci

    Let me first say that yes the resort is not new, not granite, not marble, and maybe a little dated, so people, get over it. This is what makes this place more relaxed, laid back, and friendly. And as everyone says it's clean.
    Anyways, we just returned from our second trip here and hoped that the magic we felt the first time was still there. We were not disappointed. Right from the friendly greeting, and throughout our stay, the staff here are the shining jewel of this resort.
    The food was also a step up from last year, if you can believe that. It was great so see many of the same staff again. Casanova restaurant was so good, we dined there twice. The beach party was amazing and the Friday night gala was spectacular.
    We were fortunate enough to get upgraded for our room from an ocean view veranda to a 1 bedroom suite in G block. The room was spacious and the view was breathtaking. We were so high up, it felt like we were in a tree house with a balcony. The grounds are still lush and well kept with lots of places to explore. The beach, while not miles long, is cleaned everyday and more than sufficient for anyone to find a place on their own.
    We did spend most of our time at sunset beach, and there was never a problem finding a spot, even by the pool. The ocean there is more rocky in the water, but if you go closer to the river side, the bottom is pretty much sand only.
    Of all the things we love about this place, the one thing that no other resort can match is the ambiance of the place. You can truly relax here. It is paradise on earth.

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    My new husband and I honeymooned at CTI last week (10/1-10/8). We had discussed the island, or "nudie beach" as he called it, before we went- we were both open to the idea. However, I think he saw it more as an experience to be had, whereas I felt it would be more of a peaceful, relaxed, fun place based on reading these forums (he knew I read them, but didn't read them himself). We are fairly un self conscious people (this doesn't mean we are loud, crazy party people that just want to get naked- quite the opposite, since we're both quiet and I tend to dress conservatively). We had a lot of plans for our trip- we wanted to do every single thing we could. However, I remembered the advice to get out to the AN area as soon as possible, to see if you liked it. We arrived at 5PM on our first day, but after breakfast the following morning, since we hadn't signed up for anything this first day, I suggested going to the island. We applied sunscreen in our room so that we would be situated as soon as we got there. On the boat ride over, the driver reminded us that it was au natural (probably just policy).

    I avoided the pool/bar area, and we took two chairs on the north side of the island, on a patch of sand that is fairly isolated-- our bodies faced the sea so no one could really see us unless they came directly over. We spent awhile at this spot, but eventually two things happened: we needed to use the bathroom (in the tower) and we were HOT. The venture to the bathroom was slightly awkward as I almost ran into a (clothed) employee, but since he was nonchalant about it, so was I. We then went swimming off the tiny patch of beach near the dock. Yes, you are facing the mainland, and yes people there CAN see you-- but they can't see much, just bodies in general.

    I eventually wanted to be in the shade, so we ended up moving to two chairs by the pool. It was really quiet that day, so only 2 other couples near the pool- it worked well as a transition to the island social life. We ended up chatting with them both- it's a small enough area that striking up conversation just seemed natural. I never felt uncomfortable or felt that anyone was staring at me. Neither my husband or myself was ready to leave at lunchtime, so we ate on the island- chicken, fish, some veggies, and a simple salad. It's not the variety you'll get at the Patio, but it is sufficient if you really don't want to leave. Warning to those of you who think you are immune to the sun: my husband's upper thighs (which had never seen the sun before) got pretty burnt on our first day. I stuck with SPF50 and reapplied frequently and never had an issue.

    The next day, we had some free time in the afternoon- and I again suggested we go to the island. My husband joked that I was "obsessed," but honestly, it just felt comfortable and I liked the relative peace and quiet. It actually feels like your own little private island. The third day we went to San Souci, and spent most of our time there on Sunset Beach. A very different feel, since it's a huge, much more open space, but we enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi area, and loved swimming out into the ocean on our "floaties." At this point neither of us really thought twice about getting naked around strangers- it just seemed normal.

    From that point on, we went to the island every day that we could- usually just for an hour or two. At the end of our week, a group of 15 or so returners dominated the pool area on the island. It was fun to meet them, and socialize in the pool, but it also took away from the "peace and quiet" I really loved early in the week. Less chairs to choose from, less space in the pool, and harder to order a drink-- the bartender was busy almost constantly after 2PM or so. We could have moved to the quieter right side of the island, but my husband liked the friendly atmosphere of the pool more. At one point, a couple on the island was not following the 'rules' -- the woman continued to wear her bikini bottoms, and the boat driver asked them to please comply or choose to leave (they left).

    Two last notes: my husband and I were ALWAYS the youngest people there- and we are 25 and 26. And, many of the couples we met at the resort that were our age were scared of the island, and many of the older couples on the island applauded us for getting out there so soon. But- age, race, body shape and size-- none of this matters to anyone (except you, maybe!). Everyone just.. is the same when you're there, somehow.
    Also, especially around lunch time, there can be 4-5 clothed employees on the island. I don't really see the necessity of this, but I also realize they are used to all of it. I could see it making some uncomfortable, especially if they were particularly self-conscious to start.

    We are definitely looking forward to returning to CTI in the future. We loved everything about it, including all of the activities on the "textile" side and the off-site excursions. I wouldn't say we would return just for the island-- it's very special to us, but we love CTI as a whole. If the island didn't exist, I would still love the resort more than enough to return!

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    Some honest thoughts about AN sunbathing and hanging out for the first time...

    Last year, my fiance and I vacationed at beautiful CN. Leading up to the trip, my fiance and I had discussed the possibility of hanging out at the AN beach. This terrified me... Absolutely terrified me....

    Let me back up for a moment and give you some background info. Im male. Yep, A guy... My fiance had tried AN sunbathing before, and really enjoyed it. I had never tried it. I certainly wouldn’t think of myself as a prude at all. In fact, I describe myself the opposite. Between playing sports in HS and playing in rock bands, I had been around plenty of naked people, and was comfortable being naked myself. however, now being in my 40’s, the thought of being naked on beach with other naked “strangers” petrified me.

    Before we left for vacation, she asked if I would give it a try. Letting me know that if I didn’t like it, or if I felt uncomfortable, we would leave and go hang out in the “textile” area. I, of course, said “yes”.

    So there we were, on vacation, getting ready to go to the AN area for our first time together. My mind was racing! How do I gracefully get undressed and sit on the lounge chair? How do I not make eye contact with others “private” areas? What kind of conversation do you have while waiting naked for a drink? Then when I see these people later, when we are clothed, what the heck do I say? And how in the blazes do I re apply sunscreen to one of my favorite body parts without looking like a total pervert? Yes, I was over thinking it. But, I couldn’t help it. I was freaked out. And on top of that, I was freaking out that I was probably the only person that had these thoughts, and that no one else had any issue, and for them it was no big deal at all... My insecurities were running wild...

    It was a beautiful day in Negril, and we were walking to the AN area. Scared out of my mind, she asked me, “are you ok?”. At this time, Let me say that it was her kindness, and patience, that made me feel comfortable enough to try this. I cant remember my response, but I do remember arriving at the AN beach.

    There we were, and there they were. Naked people being all naked. Talking, sunbathing, laughing.... all naked. I was nervous. When do I take off my clothes? Am I allowed to find a lounge chair first? Can I get a drink first? So, there we are, standing at the entrance to the beach and what do I do? I strip down naked, right there, on the path. I didn’t find a chair first, I didn’t grab a drink at the bar that was maybe 10 feet in front of me. I just stripped down. My fiance was kind enough to follow suit as to not let me feel totally foolish. So we walked to a couple of lounge chairs that were not in the middle of the action, but also not so far away so that we were segregated...

    I was nervous, there was no way I was going to the bar to get us drinks. Typically this is something I would do. I enjoy doing it. Bringing my beloved a drink as she lays out and enjoys our vacation. But not today. I was glued to that chair. Scared, nervous, glued... She was a trooper, she got us a couple of drinks, and then a couple more. I started relaxing, I got “out of my head”. I started enjoying how I felt. Naked. I was getting more at ease. The afternoon was great. The people were great. Everyone enjoying their vacation. No one ever said or did anything that made me feel strange or uncomfortable. I never left the chair except to use the rest room. I stayed glued to the chair. Nervous and a little insecure, but feeling better as the day went on. I was very happy to have tried it.

    Perhaps for most, going to the AN area was never a big deal. Maybe there was no insecurities or concerns. But, for me, there was. I thought maybe by reading my experience, it might put somebody with similar fears at ease enough to give the AN area a chance.

    We went back to the AN area many times that trip. I eventually left my chair. I got drinks for us. We went in the hot tub and the ocean. I even started a few conversations at the bar. I ended up really enjoying the AN area. I am very grateful that I had such a wonderful and patient woman to share such a great experience...

    This year we are vacationing at CTI.

    Yep, we’ll be spending some time on the Island...

    Thank you for reading and allowing me to share.

    Happy vacationing
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    2cats, great review and thanks to you for sharing your wonderful experience with us. It is incredibly useful to all who visit here. Peace and respect.

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    We just had our first AN experience this past September during our honeymoon and LOVED IT!! We were staying at CSA for the week, but opted for the day trip to CN. Some background husband would be nekkid 100% of the time, if possible. Especially while out in the sun. I, on the other hand, just became comfortable wearing bikinis two years ago! He had mentioned multiple, multiple, multiple times how badly he wanted to do just do naked sunbathing. We thought we'd be stuck at a resort like Hedo or Desires, which I had NO desire to go imagine our excitement when we discovered that Couples has a dedicated beach / area to do just this! I promised that I'd give this a chance while we took our day trip to CN.
    When we first arrived, we stopped by the pool bar and did two Bob Marley shots to loosen up. Well THAT worked for sure. We walked over to the AN beach, noticed a few couples were there naked, and I stripped down in a matter of seconds. My husband jokes that I was naked before we even arrived, lol!! I made him promise earlier that he'd get all of the drinks...etc....because I'd only be laying there, not getting up and walking around. Well that wasn't an issue either. I was super comfortable in a matter of minutes and after a drink or two I was getting up to get the rest. It didn't hurt that it was the hottest day of the week, so being naked was great! Swimming and floating like that was fantastic as well!! I cannot remember her name, but the woman tending the bar that day was the best employee we had encountered all week! So we are planning our 1 year anniversary and while I'd LOVE to go back to CSA, I know we really want to go to a resort with an AN area. Trying to decide between CSS & CTI....decisions, decisions!!!


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