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    Default how can you don't get sun burn before wedding?

    We will have to stay for 2 days in CN before our wedding. How can we don't get sun burn or over-tanned before the wedding? My fiance is very easy to get burned. Even just sailing on the river for couple hours, he will get sun burn on his face. I am very easy to get tanned (although I use lots sun block) because I am Asian. I don't want show tan line when I am wearing wedding dress. Any idea? ......don't tell me we have to hide inside the hotel room for two days on such a beautiful beach We will bring 2 bottles of sun block (70+ the strongest one I found in market.) Thanks

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    Wear lots and lots of sunscreen, Try not to lay directly in the sun (under a tree), make sure you wear a strapless bathing suit. Here in Canada I saw a sunscreen that was a 90. I have 5 days before my wedding, I am just going to enjoy myself and wear lots of sunscreen on my face.

    Good luck!

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    My hubby uses P20 and has never burnt - not sure if you can get that outside of the UK though? I'd never had a sunbed before, but before we left for our wedding at CSA I had about 4 sessions to "prep" my skin and it worked perfectly. I'm v fair and I didn't get pink at all. If you do get slightly pink - use aloe vera - it's the best!
    Enjoy your wedding - it's an amazing way to do it!!!

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