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    Default CN Beach Party as Wedding Reception?????

    Hi there- I was wondering if anyone reading has experienced the Beach Party and if it would work as the party after a wedding. We plan to marry on a Thursday in order for this to work. Any feedback would be welcomed. Thanks.

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    Default re

    I don't know yet, but can tell you in 5 days, as we are doing the same thing at CTI. When do you get married?

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    I am also planning on having the bonfire beach party the night of my wedding, Thursday July 15th 2010 @CN

    Sounds like fun to me!!!!

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    how did the beach party go?? we were thinking the SAME thing. Thursday too

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    We were married 11-7-09 at CSA and had made friends with another couple on the message board that did get married on Friday and did have their reception at the Beach party.

    They did a cold appetizer reception after the wedding with a steel drum band. Then the bride changed into her Party dress and they all went to the beach party for dinner, then up to dance the evening. They were all have a great time and so did we.

    Good luck
    Susan and Dan
    CSA 22-7-09

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    is there more entainment or more dancing?? I really want like hip hop dancing? would wednesday Dance party be better for this

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    We are getting married at CSA friday 25th March 2011 and plan to have a cocktail reception with steel drum band then on to the beach party. As Sharlie has asked is it a party or is it more quiet entertainment? Also I was planning on keeping my dress on as long as possible so has anyone seen or does anyone know of anyone still wearing thier dress at night or will I look a bit strange!!?

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    we got married at CN 7/15/10 @10am

    woke up @7am to be ready for my hair/makeup apt at 8a. ceramony at 10. Had 3hrs of pictures. Met for lunch at cassava terrace at 1p (while it was pouring rain).

    Then it stopped raining just in time to do the catameran cruise at 3pm which was soo much fun. Then it started storming as soon as we got off boat.

    a group of 8 of us at dinner at the helicona grill (which i thought took a very long time, but everyone did get every course: app, soup, salad, entree, dessert). It "felt" like midnight and was still raining! It was acutally around 10p. so we thought for sure the bonfire was called off, and we to bed. We were soo exhausted from such a long (fun) day.

    another couple of ours did stay up, and said they started the bonfire shortly after left (when it stopped raining) and they had a blast and took some great pics!

    bummed that most of it got rained out, and that we were too exhausted to stay up for it. I was really looking forward to having dinner on the beach and enjoying the "barefoot beach party" but it definately got rainned out.

    to answer one of the early questions about wearing your dress, i say do it! I trashed my long ceramony dress in the ocean. then changed into a super cute/fun short wedding dress that i rocked out (in the rain) for both lunch and dinner!!!

    But for those who plan a early am wedding (which i still think was best b/c we beat all the rain) remember your'll be exhausted by the end of the day. Drink some coffee or caffine of some sort with dinner. All our alcholoic drinks and food with dinner just made us crash afterward!

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