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    Default Water shoes and shoe socks

    Wife and I are tender-footed. How recommended is it to bring water shoes or water socks to CTI? If recommended, do you have any recommended brands? Buy at CTI? Recommended to wear at the main beach? Tower Island?

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    IHMO water socks aren't needed on the main beach, sandals or flip flops work great. If you plan on going in the water around the Island, I highly recommend water shoes, tevas or water socks. As far as walking around the island, flip flops or sandals are good. I definitely recommend wearing footwear on the island, having sliced my foot open on my way to the bar. Its hard enough to get me to leave at 5, let alone because I need a band aid.

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    I'm not sure about needing them at CTI specifically, but you will definitely want them if you take the Dunns River Falls excursion.
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    I like to have flip flops for the island as the decking gets hot and I don't like going into the restroom with barefeet. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it's nasty or anything, it's just me. Can't wait for trip #5 in July 2011.

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    I wore either water socks or sandals (can we say that word here?) around the resort, and water socks to DRF.

    When I got back, there was still quite a bit of sand in the water socks (just under the insole). I poured it out and had a little piece of CTI at home!

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    I don't know if you have ever worn water socks, but if you do decided on a pair get a pair that is one size smaller than your regular shoe size. We didn't know, and my DH eneded up spending a lot of time pulling small stoes out of his shoes during the Dunn River Fall trip. The beach is nice and soft so I don't believe that you would need them walking around the resort.

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