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    Default Bringing a Kindle to CN?

    Thinking about buying a Kindle and was wondering if anyone has brought a Kindle to CN and how it worked there? As far as WiFi and sunglare on the beach? Thanks for the info.

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    Didn't bring it to CN, but brought mine to CSA (i have a Kindle2) and it worked great. I have the cell connection in mine, and was able to purchase books, but you would definitely be able to use the WIFI if you got the WIFI only one. (I personally would spend the extra 50 bucks to have the WhisperNet downloads.)

    I used it on the beach all week, and there was virtually no glare. As a sidenote, a friend recommended that I get a "steno-style" cover as opposed to a book-style cover, and I did. I LOVE it. In the event that the sun is DIRECTLY shining on your Kindle (rare) you just pop open the cover and use it as a "shade."

    Please feel free to PM me for more info. veronica<dot>vandyke<at>gmail<dot>com


    PS: Hopefully, they are more popular on the beach this year, since I swear, I spent half of my reading time saying... "Yes, it's a Kindle. Yes, I love it. Yes, I can get books...."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisaroy View Post
    As far as WiFi and sunglare on the beach?
    We had WiFi coverage on the beach, but it was with a netbook not a Kindle or other reader so I can't comment on the glare question. We also had coverage in our room and on the balcony of course, but oddly could not get connection near the beach grill.

    One of the newer versions also allows free global 3G coverage in addition to WiFi and their map shows full coverage for Jamaica.

    Pamela, amongst others, has posted about brining a Kindle and appears they don't have glare issues. I believe they are still at CN but perhaps she will reply after returning.

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    The Kindle worked great at CN!! I purchased two books while I was down there (on other guest reccomendations)and read both books and loved them!
    It was great to just say, "I want this book and then immediately you have IT!!" I was a Kindle skeptic and now I am the biggest fan! CN does not have much in the way of books and magazines so the Kindle was perfect.

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    I'd also mention that M-Edge has come out with a waterproof, floating cover. It's a tad bulky, but it's a huge step above the glorified Ziploc bags that were the only available option before. It's also gone down in price from $80 to $40.

    I also prefer the steno-style cover. In addition to providing shade, it's great to prop it up for hands-free reading in bed or on a table.

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    Thanks for the info. I too was a skeptic but I bought one the other day and I downloaded some books and am fasinated by it. I am going to buy the steno-style cover today. Thanks again.70 days and counting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    . . . . Pamela . . . has posted about bringing a Kindle and appears [she doesn't] have glare issues. I believe she is still at CN but perhaps she will reply after returning . . . .
    We're back. Kevin bought me the new Kindle 3G, and he used my first generation Kindle. When we downloaded books, they were automatically downloaded to both, as well as to the Kindle on his iPad.

    The Kindle on the iPad was impossible to read in bright sunlight but just fine in the shade. Both the original and the new Kindles were fine in the sun and shade. No glare problems at all.
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    I used my Nook at CTI last June and it was great. No glare at all. When reading on the beach, though, I used the ziploc baggie solution to keep the sand and water out. That produced a little glare but saved the Nook from the afternoon showers. I'm looking into an official waterproof cover but the baggie works fine (just looks a little dorky).

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    I just got my Kindle on Friday, I am wondering why the concern for the wifi, I will download my books before I leave and I am fairly certain you don't actually need the wifi to read your books. I am waiting for Oberon to bring out the slip cover.

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